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Risks of running your business on an OLD phone system

on Tuesday, 08 March 2016. Posted in CommWest Blog

This is an article that we came across that we as a phone company have to deal with quite a bit. Customers have a phone system that is working. It has been on their desks for years, nothing has changed so why would it break? Then when it does break it costs your company money due to not being able to answer your customers calls. When your first line of communications is your phone system dont you want to protect your investment and update it as often as possible so you dont have any down time? Read the article below and let us know if this has happened to you or is happening right now and then give us a call!!!

The Serious Risks of Running Your Business on an Obsolete Phone System

We recently got a call on our emergency service line. A local Real Estate company said they could not make calls or receive calls. When customers called all the heard was ringing. The office with 30 Realtors was now out of business. The problem was the phone system had finally crashed, and our technicians were not able to bring it back. The phone system was 16 years old. No parts were available to fix the system. We had to replace everything with new equipment. The new phone system had to be flown in overnight. The customer asked how much will that cost, and all we said was “does it matter”. We were able to get the main line forwarded to a cell phone. It was overwhelming to handle the call volume on a cell phone for a company that size. A lot of business was being lost

The real problem is people think that their phone systems will last forever. “I’ve had this phone system for 15 years without a problem” is something we hear a lot. They put off upgrading their equipment until it fails. Now it’s an emergency install. There is no time to make sure that this equipment is the correct solution, and no time to worry about how much it’s all going to cost. It does cost more. We had been talking to this company for 2 years warning them that one day we would not be able to recover their system. When it finally did fail it took 5 days to put in the new system and get things back to normal. They couldn’t even calculate the losses to the office and their Realtors

You can avoid the unplanned expense and the accompanying loss of business a system failure can cause if you simply plan to replace older equipment in advance. Certainly you should start planning to upgrade your equipment when you find out that the manufacturer has discontinued making and supporting your system. This is doubly important if the manufacturer has not just stopped making your system but has gone out of business.

The time to look at replacing your obsolete phone system is before the system starts to fail. You will make a much better decision when you’re not under the pressure of trying to get yourself back in business after a failure. When you make the planned decision to upgrade you ensure the continuous operation of your business, and you will benefit from the new technology and tools that a new system will provide. In some cases we’ve found that the savings available from using new technologies pays for the new system in it’s entirety.

Are you ready to start making your replacement plan? We are happy to take you through our structured, in-depth needs analysis, designed to ensure the solution we propose not only meets your needs but also makes your business more profitable.