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Computers, Networking and Servers

Data networks are an essential part of your business processes. Our experienced technicians can assist you with any data problem or question. From sluggish performance to setting up new computers or a server, we will come to your office, providing personalized high quality service. We will also assist in the purchase of any computer hardware from servers and monitors to switches and individual computers. 

CommWest offers expert service for backups, transferring employees to a different PC, network connectivity problems, virus removal, email setup and troubleshooting. We also do printer and hardware setup, networking printers, configuring wireless networks and set up of dual monitors. 

At CommWest we offer maintenance programs to meet your needs.  Our programs cover work stations, servers, routers, switches and networks.  Also available are offsite backup, backup audits, operating system updates, antivirus/security audits, operating system/application updates, local backups and file synchronization with Hybrid Cloud File Servers. 

Reduce your computer and network problems with:

  • Local Tech Support that works with you and knows your systems and processes
  • Status Updates emailed monthly
  • Remote Access to your data

We allow you to budget your support cost and save money with one of our customized programs.  We will design a flexible maintenance solution adapted to your business.

Call us and save yourself the headaches of complex data problem solving.