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We help business owners grow their business by providing quality, reliable, personalized technology solutions that support and secure their business technology - consistently and professionally.

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One call. One team. One goal - helping your business grow. By partnering with you, we maximize your investment and ensure your office technology is working efficiently, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business.

Lisa Martin

“I thought I would drop you a note and tell you how much I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed working with CommWest. I nearly called you last year to fly out here and put my systems in order, as the team here in Cleveland is always so difficult to get on-site for help. For the time…

Jo Ellyn Bradley

“Fantastic people. Service is top-notch, they are always there for us rain, snow, or shine. Highly recommend them. We use them for our business phones and IT services. Best decision ever.”

Casey Dittmer

“We LOVE CommWest! Their staff always go above and beyond and the service is amazing. They listen to your office needs and find the best phone system or IT solution for YOU. HIGHLY recommend.”

Matt Fowler

“Nate and the CommWest team provide the highest level of customer service as well as product quality all at the best price! CommWest has helped us with more than our business phone systems over the years. Always a great experience with this extremely professional and knowledgeable team. CommWest is the best!”

Miranda Schroeder

“They are so very helpful and accommodating. We appreciate everything they have done to help us get our practice up and running. Great people, amazing service and awesome products.”

Joel Kincaid

“CommWest has been great to work with. We upgraded our business phones last year and they were very professional and have a great product line to choose from. They found us the right phone system for our growing office. Thanks for the true professionalism.”

Jo Urlacher

“Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff! The business phone system is user friendly, has many useful features, and works great. The team went above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend CommWest!”

Rochelle Fleck

“Nice to know there is still customer service out there. CommWest brought in a new business phone system structured to our needs like they said they would. The team that worked on our project from beginning to end were great! I would recommend CommWest without any hesitation. Thanks to: Nate, Tiffany, Thomas, Tarah, Brandon and…

Glow Tanning

“Seriously, CommWest is AMAZING! I managed to break 3 computers in 5 months & needed some serious help over at my business. CommWest was referred to me & came to my rescue at NO cost, without me even asking. They have completely earned my business & I cannot wait to have a continued relationship with…

Charles Wallis

“I am a small business owner and really needed a more robust business telephone solution for my office as a first step to hiring a staff member. Tiffany and Nathan with CommWest attended my ribbon cutting with the Grand Junction Chamber and came highly recommended by my colleagues. We scheduled the upgrade, and everything went…

Bob Bever

“Just had CommWest install a new computer for my business. They took the time to understand my needs to build the right system. They were prompt, professional, and did not use tech speech to ensure I understood everything. Everything transferred and worked. Thomas even checked in with me the next day to ensure everything transferred…

Bob Bever

“As a business owner, I need a reliable and flexible phone solution that fits within my budget. CommWest more than delivered. They asked the right questions to ensure the best solution for our situation that met our unique needs. They took the time to understand my business, and were responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. We will…

Randy Brown

“I have used CommWest for several years as my business technology specialist. I recommend them to anyone who needs quick quality service at a reasonable price. They provide very good quick service and advice at a reasonable price.”

Tisha Moore

“CommWest has been absolutely amazing to work with. From initial planning, to design, implementation and now IT support as needed, they are the best! I cannot sing their praises high enough.”

Janina Fielder

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with CommWest with two separate businesses during phone system upgrades; the first was 7 plus years ago and the most recent was less than a year. Each process was smooth and professional. The systems were different as they were based on the specific needs of each business and both…

Monument Ridge Property Management

“GREAT Service! Very helpful! The office was under a lot of pressure but, Brandon came out and was very thorough. He evaluated the problem, fixed it, and gave us recommendations for better cybersecurity and problem solving for the future. Made our day much better!! Highly recommend this company and staff!!”

WD Yards

“After much research for business phone systems, CommWest was the clear choice for our business. Professional service, installation and follow-up packaged with a quality system perfect for the current size of our business and capable for growth when needed. The CommWest team has been great to work with during every step of the process.”

Dale Beede

“Long-time business in the Grand Valley, and they are good operators, as well as being good citizens.”

Rick Martindale

“I have a business phone system that is not as popular for the hotel industry. I have had several different companies try to support it. All have failed except for CommWest. Our phone system has to integrate with our front desk computer systems. Every time we replace computers, we have to have tech support come…

Michael Spradlin

“Rib City has used CommWest for our business phone communication needs for over a decade! Always prompt and professional. Also, big community supporters.”

Billie Witham

“We appreciated CommWest’s professionalism and forthrightness in our business transactions with them.”

Brian Perkins

“Best business phone systems help around!”

Tom Sheley

“Quality customer service”

Vincenzo Favale

“Always prompt and attentive to our needs.”

Robert Roper

“I know Tiffany personally and she is great!”

Angel Bera

“Professional, friendly always ready to help!”

Larry LaFrenierre

“CommWest has helped us with our business phone systems in the past, no problems.”

Randy Miller

“Great service and helpful staff that turn around requests very quickly.”

Kimberly Clemmer

“An outstanding company with an amazing group of employees that are always giving back to our community. We would highly recommend CommWest.”

Andrea Gatley

“If you need a business phone system for your business, CommWest is great! They really care about their customers.”

Rich Fiala

“Very good people and good at what they do”

David Combs

“We use their business phone and IT services at MBC Grand Radio, and they’ve always met our expectations and beyond. Always.”

Cyrene Jagger

“Great service that is top notch. We highly recommend them. We use them for business phones and IT. Best decision ever!”

Erin Barr

“We use CommWest for both our telephones and IT needs. They are incredibly responsive, professional, and very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CommWest to anyone in need of either telephone or IT support.”

Kerry Phillips

“To the CommWest Team, Sometimes we take for granted many things in our lives. Recently, I was reminded how fortunate we are to have CommWest as our phone support. I am thinking back to how I ever did business prior to having you and our phone system. I continue to share my story with other…

Annalisa Pearson

“CommWest has awesome customer service!”

Dan Harrison

“CommWest was lightning fast to respond on repairing our old system. After it was repaired we decided to look at replacing our system. The process was painless and professional. Highly recommend their service!”

Bobbie Mizushima

“CommWest has consistently provided proactive and knowledgeable service, giving us the peace of mind to focus on growing our business. The team at Commwest is professional and kind, working together to provide meaningful solutions. We truly feel as though we have found a partnership that we can trust in CommWest.”

Country Elegance Florist

“We are so happy we switched to CommWest. They are all so professional, helpful & available when you need them. It’s so amazing to work with a local company that cares & even comes to our business to help us in time of need!” CommWest Client Highlight – August 2022

Jenna Woody

“We are so thankful for the service and professionalism that we have received with working with Commwest. They set up the computers and equipment before shipping them to us. The install was a breeze! They also have phenomenal Customer Service. I highly recommend Commwest, even if you are not in Colorado!”

Kimberly Clemmer

“CommWest is an outstanding company with an amazing, professional, and knowledgeable staff. They consistently provide quality customer service in a very timely manner. We would highly recommend CommWest for all of your phone and technology needs. *And they have the Best Calendar!”

Sonja Hruby

“The guys at CommWest are fantastic. I requested a quote to upgrade our computers in our office. They had the best price and gave us wonderful service. They made it as seamless as possible. We do all of our business online, so being offline for any amount of time was concerning to us. We were…

Tycee Belcastro

“I am thrilled with the service I received from Tiffany Welch and CommWest on my business phone system. They are prompt, attentive, and walked me through the setup process, making it easy for me!”

Cheona Bottinelli

“CommWest has managed our phone and more for YEARS! They are prompt and always on top of the many different curve balls, we have here at the radio station. I also LOVE that my voicemails are emailed to me–BEST. FEATURE. EVER.” CommWest Client Highlight – July 2022

Robert Bever

“CommWest to the rescue. I had been asked to do an unexpected last-minute business presentation. I had only two hours to prepare when my computer lost all video capability. Of course, like most users, I had not saved the PowerPoint presentation yet. I called CommWest, and Steven immediately understood the urgency of my need, took…

Amara Rath

5 Stars – “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to you and the crew who installed our new phones. It was the best service we’ve ever had. I was running late that day and they waited outside in the heat for us to arrive and then proceeded to make the setup…

Chelsey Wells

HANDS DOWN BEST IT COMPANY EVER!! Every person there is knowledgeable and willing to help. I don’t feel like any question is a stupid question even when it actually is. I am so grateful to have you on our team!! CommWest Client Highlight – November 2022

Robert Bever

CommWest came through, AGAIN. Christopher came to the office and did a complete health check-up on my desktop, and two laptops. The result was CommWest making the needed recommendations to ensure that we are secure, up-to-date, and the network is clean. Additionally, they made the needed hardware recommendation for our VPN. Thank you CommWest and…

Lena McAllister

CommWest has brought innovative solutions and support to our phone and internet needs as well as transformed our network security. CommWest Client Highlight – July 2022


We are most impressed with how CommWest is local & takes time to answer each and every call & question.  They are very professional & efficient.  It was a great move for us! CommWest Client Highlight – August 2022

Theodore Mariolis

Recommends CommWest (Alignable)

Jennifer Gates

“CommWest provides our IT platform, but more importantly, they provide the connectivity that allows The Business Incubator Center to communicate within our campus and with the community.” CommWest Client Highlight – December 2022


STRiVE has been with CommWest since their formation over 20 years ago.  Nate and his team always have our best interest at heart, ensuring our communication needs are appropriately updated with current technology practices. CommWest Client Highlight – January 2023

Donna Scarrow

Thanks!!! Your service is commendable! You reached out to see how we were doing, I shared and you jumped on it. Wow!! (we really figured that there was not much that could be done given where we are located). I just checked my email and Thomas had already forwarded me Epicor’s response that what Thomas…

Chenoa Bottinelli

My computer wasn’t updating, cooperating, or being a team player for the past several months. I thought for sure I was going to have to get a new one (which is a super stressful thing for me). @commwestco was able to fix it and get it all updated working just like new! Thank you for helping…

Julie Larson

“CommWest has been outstanding and very instrumental in our move recently. We couldn’t have done it without them! Very knowledgeable, professional, and above all quick to respond for service! Urban Optics is grateful to CommWest and looking forward to many years together!” CommWest Client Highlight – March 2023

Tycee Belcastro

Tiffany is professional and on top of it. She and CommWest have been very helpful to me!

Maggie La Hue

“CommWest is a professional organization and very helpful with the technology that helps businesses run smoothly. Tiffany knows her stuff and is great at listening to understand your needs as a business owner. I love being able to refer businesses I work with to her because I am confident they are in good hands.”

Wendy Biggs

Our internet is working awesome…but your staff, that’s truly remarkable! Brandon and Steven, both, have been so helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. You’ve got a great team! Because of them and the awesome work they’ve done (and continue to do) I will recommend CommWest to anyone and everyone I can!

Stephanie White

“CommWest does a wonderful job in keeping our systems up-to-date and running with proper safeguards. They also maintain our phone systems, which have been a breeze to use.”

Albin Escamilla

“CommWest has the best customer service and go above and beyond to help with your communication needs.”

Dave Carlo

CommWest has been keeping our antiquated phone system alive long past what could’ve/should’ve been its expiration date and has recently helped us with the procurement and installation of newer computers and software. Not an easy task as we are a nonprofit as well as our cooperating agencies. CommWest Client Highlight – May 2023

Erin Barr

CommWest has been our telecom and technology partner for such a long time, even before CommWest was called CommWest in fact! It has been a very strong strategic partnership that has been a great support and service to The Gant. Client Highlight – June 2023

Shawna Grieger

CommWest took our communications system from being outdated and listened to our needs to create a communications environment that was updated and worked best for the association.  We are confident that if any issue arises or new technology might be a good match, the CommWest team is always there to foster the business relationship.  We…

Alisha Wenger

CommWest keeps our operation running smoothly and is always there to help our team find solutions! You are our best link to the clientele who need our services and your phone systems and technical support help us ensure no one in our community goes hungry. Thank you CommWest!! Client Highlight – September 2023

Ashley Williams

CommWest has played a huge role in enhancing our technological needs here at Humphrey RV. We recently upgraded our business telephone system at both of our locations to better provide customer service to our customers. The transition was smooth and easy. They provide around-the-clock IT tech support and are quick to respond to service requests.…

MaryAnne Lawrie

“Thank you so much.  We are very fortunate to have you as a partner and enjoy very much working with all of you.  Your team is amazing and we appreciate all of you and the amazing work you do. “

HomeSmart Realty Partners

CommWest has always been so helpful and kind during every step of every job we’ve had with them. The entire team goes above and beyond; every single time. It shows that they are well-treated employees who love what they do. Thank you all so much for everything you’ve helped us with!

Matthew Borg

CommWest has been a valued business partner to us since day one.  They have provided us with all of our communication and technology services for years and have an amazing team of professionals who answer the call whenever it arises.  Technology seems to move even more rapidly forward than insurance and CommWest keeps us up…

Matt Bashara

Just wanted to say thank you for you and your team’s work to get us on the new system. It was one of the smoothest go-lives I have been involved with. 


I appreciate how helpful this company is to individuals and local businesses.

Dianna Reams

So professional and helpful.

Katie Lorentzen

Community support 100% Teamwork 100% Communication 100%

Paco Mendenhall

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all that you and your team did to make the transition to the new equipment and phone system very smooth! It is at the top of my list of successful cutovers. Please extend my gratitude to the rest of the team and a shout-out to…

Kerri Kemper

Tiffany and CommWest have been very supportive of my small business and I so appreciate their commitment to standing above their competitors by being a family-owned company with a stellar reputation.

Brandon Hunt

We have used CommWest for the last 10 years, through a few remodels, and our new remodel at our Rifle, Colorado location.  They have always been quick and easy to deal with, and Brandon is a customer of ours as well.  If you are considering a remodel or new construction and need a technology partner,…

Katie Lorentzen

Upon hearing a CommWest radio advertisement today, I smiled knowingly. CommWest WILL answer your phone call. CommWest is PHYSICALLY available for their clients. CommWest is our LOCAL technology expert our community CAN depend on!

Blair Wade

CommWest is incredibly supportive and responsive to our telecom needs! The Library District has been with CommWest for more than 10 years and has grown as we’ve grown. With 8 separate library branches, our phone network needs can get complicated and CommWest keeps us running. The CommWest team is always friendly, quick, and professional. When…

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Servicing Western Colorado – Grand Junction, Fruita, Clifton, Montrose, Delta, Rifle areas and more – our Technology Service Partner (TSP) is a tailored program that proactively supports your voice and data needs. By having us as your technology partner, you have the ease and convenience of reliable technology support without having to hire in-house staff.

We know your time is better spent focusing on your business and not figuring out why your computer will not print, how to stop a hack, unknown errors, or countless other technology glitches that occur.

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