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Using Microsoft Teams

Whether you are new to using Microsoft Teams or are an experienced user, here are helpful tips and features to enhance your team collaboration.

#1 – Stay Organized

Stay in touch anywhere you are, get files, have online meetings and calls, and chat with your team members.

#2 – Set up a Channel

Channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized by specific topics, projects, disciplines.

Select ‘More Options’, then ‘Add Channel’

#3 – Collaborate on Files

Attach a file to any message by selecting ‘Attach’. The file will automatically appear in the ‘Files’ tab in the channel or message, so that the team has access to it.

#4 – Meet Now

Under ‘Calendar’, select ‘Meet Now’ to start a meeting. Add names or phone numbers for member that should join. During the meeting, you are able to share your screen, using the ‘Share’ button.

#5 – Pin Your Channels

Pin channels at you most frequently use to the top of your list under ‘Pinned’.

Select ‘More Options’, then ‘Pin’.

#6 – Keyboard Shortcuts

In the Teams app, press ‘Ctrl + .’ to display a full list of available keyboard shortcuts.

Make your life easier.

#7 – Streamline Access with Tabs

Create custom tabs to give your team easy access to files, tools, and sites that they frequently use.

Select ‘+’ next to the tabs at the top of your chat or channel.

#8 – Meme

Keep moral and engagement high by using GIFs in conversations.

Select ‘GIF’ and search for the one you want, then ‘Send’ when ready to post.

#9 – Questions about Teams

Use the ‘Help’ feature to browse topics and search for the answer you need. There are also training videos available for your use.

#10 – Notifications

Stay current with what is happening by using notifications.

From your picture in the top right, select ‘Options’, then ‘Notifications’.

#11 – Take Teams with You

Teams has a mobile app to keep you connected and collaborating wherever you are.

#12 – Stay in the Loop

‘Activity’ is where you get a summary of notifications, mentions, replies in conversations. Settings can be adjusted using #10 – Notifications.

#13 – @Mentions

To recognize or get your coworker’s attention, use mentions by typing @, then their name. The message will be flagged for the coworker tagged.

#14 – Chats into Video Calls

From your chat session, select ‘Video Call’ to start a call. During the video call, you are able to share your screen, using the ‘Share’ button.

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