2020 Cybersecurity Webinar

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2020 Cybersecurity Webinar

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Webinar presented and recorded on October 6, 2020.

Cybersecurity is not a ‘one and done’ solution. It evolves as the cyber criminals evolve. We all know that cyber criminals are getting smarter and sneakier with their attacks. That means you need to know what types of ‘monsters’ exist and how to prevent them from getting access to your important information.

By watching this webinar you’ll learn :

  • Landscape of current cyber threats
  • Real life cyber scam examples
  • General awareness tips
  • Employee training
  • Available monitoring and other preventative measures

All businesses have information that is important to their operations; this means you are a target for cyber criminals. Hackers believe small-medium businesses (SMBs) are vulnerable because they don’t have the knowledge or the expertise to know what is happening inside their own network. This perceived vulnerability puts your business at greater risk of becoming the victim of malicious cyber attacks and breaches. In fact, internal vulnerabilities are responsible for 70% of all data breaches in small and medium sized businesses.

Monsters will hide in every corner of your network if you let them; slowly rotting your business from the inside out. If instead, you are prepared when the monsters try to get in your back door, they will be stopped because you saw them coming.

Throughout the webinar, Nathan, Tiffany, and Thomas will walk through real-life examples of cyber attacks – how they were identified, how they could have been prevented, and what steps were taken.

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