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Self-evaluation is critical to any successful business and individual.

You cannot improve if you do not consider your strengths and weaknesses. Completing a quarterly technology evaluation – or at least an annual Technology Alignment Review – will help keep your business on track and create an opportunity to react faster when changes are necessary.

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Take a few moments of quiet to consider these 7 key questions:

Even though it’s called a self-evaluation, that doesn’t mean it needs to be completed alone. Invite key employees or your IT partner to collaborate as you dive into these key technology questions.

1. Evaluate the Prior Year

  • What went well (your successes)?
  • Did your technology fall short? How? Why?

2. Evaluate Your Goals For Future Years

  • Settings goals is key! Does your current technology have the capability to help accomplish your goals?

3. Evaluate Your Team/Employees

  • A question to ask yourself – are my employees equipped with what they need to be successful? Training, access, software, monitoring, etc.
  • Are they happy with the tools they have been given? Do those tools work correctly? If not, do your employees have suggestions?

4. Evaluate Your Business Category

  • Identifying your business category will help pinpoint opportunities and potential roadblocks.
  • Is your industry holding its own? Strength and weaknesses?
  • What expectations do customers have for your industry?

5. Evaluate Your Competition

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors will create growth potential and identify areas to protect.
  • What tools are your competition using well or not using well?
  • Is there a technology tool that can help give you an edge over the competition?

6. Evaluate How You Spend Your Time

  • It always comes back to time vs money.
  • Are you spending your valuable time troubleshooting technology, contacting carriers/vendors, helping employees with their equipment rather than focusing on your business?

7. Evaluate Your Vendors

  • Ask yourself – are my current vendors taking care of my business as they should?
  • Are they responsive to your needs? Do they pay attention to details? Treat you and your employees with respect?
  • Have they overpromised and underdelivered?

If you answered these questions honestly, you now have a list of action items to get started with. Don’t be overwhelmed though; none of these items need to be addressed alone. In fact, they can’t be!

Utilize your resources, the professional partners who come alongside your business to provide advice, solutions and trust.

Technology is not a one-and-done solution. It is fluid and constantly evolving. At CommWest, we are your Technology Partner, working in tandem with your team, so that you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Your next step – contact our team to schedule your Technology Alignment Review.

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