Nathan Wallace - President

My great pleasure as owner and president is working with our team as part of the solution we provide our clients and friends. We take great pleasure in helping our clients’ businesses grow through their communications and technology. My background in technology began with Aircraft mechanics and expanded into various roles in the technology industry over my career. I took over ownership of CommWest in 2005. Since then, I have continued to see our team grow and relationships strengthen in our community.

My wife and I moved to Colorado in 1983 and raised our three daughters on the Western Slope. We enjoy all the outdoor opportunities and activities the Western Slope offers. You will find my wife and I often in the woods camping and hunting or frequenting the numerous trails on our bikes. Make sure to wave when you see us.

Hobby: Hunting has been part of my life since I got married. It has been something I have shared and passed along to my daughters and friends.

Did You Know: Have you heard I am color blind?  I get a lot of ribbing about it.

July 2023 - Employee Spotlight

"STRiVE has been with CommWest since their formation over 20 years ago.  Nate and his team always have our best interest at heart, ensuring our communication needs are appropriately updated with current technology practices."

STRiVE - Grand Junction

Thomas Carlin - Senior IT Systems Administrator

Attending Colorado Mesa University here in Grand Junction, I graduated with a BAS in Computer Information Systems. My expertise is in computer systems, networks and telecommunications solutions. I enjoy the diversity and wide range of systems I have the opportunity to work with at CommWest.

I am a Colorado Native, originally from Eagle. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and biking, and restoring my first car, a 1972 Porsche. I will never turn down food, especially breakfast burritos. If you have any recommendations for my weekly Friday Date Night with my family, let me know.

Hobby: I would not say I go to the extremes when working on my cars, but I have driven on a highway without a windshield and in a full helmet before.

Did You Know: It costs three times as much to replace a windshield in Eagle as it does in Grand Junction. (Hence the highway trip in a full helmet)

"Thanks!!! Your service is commendable! You reached out to see how we were doing, I shared and you jumped on it. Wow!! (we really figured that there was not much that could be done given where we are located). I just checked my email and Thomas had already forwarded me Epicor’s response that what Thomas requested was done.

I am extremely impressed with the CommWest team!! Professionalism, knowledge, and customer service is beyond expectation!!

Sincerely thankful for your team!"

Donna Scarrow - Collbran Supply, Collbran

Matthew Ferrell - IT Support Technician

I moved to Grand Junction from Omaha, NE, where I ran a successful MSP business called Ferrell Computer Consultants, or FCC-IT for almost 20 years. I look forward to continuing the work I did in Omaha with the CommWest team – helping businesses with their technology issues and needs.

I fell in love with the Grand Valley, for the amazing climbing, hiking, and the Mesa. I currently reside in Mack, with my wife Candace, and pets: Yanno (Newfoundland Landseer), Lyra Nebula (Black Lab), Ampersand (Orange kitty with one braincell), and Astor (The Feisty One).

Hobby: audio engineering, disc golf, working on project cars, photography, bouldering, and many activities in the great Colorado outdoors.

Did You Know: I started a 5- ingredient, shelf-stable dog treat company called “Puzzle Piece Treats” in the fall of 2019.

February 2024 - Employee Spotlight

Maeve Hungerford - IT Support Technician

I attended Colorado Mesa University and graduated with a BS in Computer Science. During my time there, I worked on setting up the Cybersecurity Lab at the university. At CommWest, I am excited to work with our clients and gain a well-rounded knowledge base in the realm of IT.

Originally being from Littleton, CO I came to Grand Junction for school and its beautiful scenery. I played lacrosse most of my life and was lucky enough to play for CMU for three of the years I was there. Outside of work, I enjoy watching sports, fishing, and binging a good TV show.

Hobby: I love learning about photography. I find it fascinating how much work goes into a good picture.

Did You Know: In high school, my senior superlative was “Class Clown”.

September 2023 - Employee Spotlight

"CommWest has always been so helpful and kind during every step of every job we’ve had with them. The entire team goes above and beyond; every single time. It shows that they are well-treated employees who love what they do. Thank you all so much for everything you’ve helped us with!"

Homesmart Realty Partners - Grand Junction

Shawna Jacquez - Office Administrator

I have worked in the banking industry for 13 years and the legal industry for 11 years. I am new to the technology world, but am eager to learn all about it!

I was born and raised here in the Grand Valley. I wouldn't live anywhere else. I am married with two beautiful daughters and three amazing grandchildren.

Hobby: I love to do yard work, projects with my hubby and spend time with my family.

Did You Know: I have three dogs that are so spoiled they have their own room and a queen bed to sleep on.

August 2023 - Employee Spotlight

Steven Strickler - Service Manager

Originally from Georgia, I came to Colorado after my wife and I finished our service in the U.S Army. Since starting at CommWest, my duties have expanded to Service Manager, where I coordinate the logistics of our team to ensure your team can work efficiently. I’ve enjoyed developing my knowledge in the industry and learning something new every day. My military career allows me to bring a broad-based background in all aspects of interpersonal communication, public relations and management.

My wife's hometown is Grand Junction and I am enjoying making it home to our family. I am a diehard UGA (go Dawgs!) football fan and music has been a lifelong hobby for me.

Hobby: I play and record music, and have a collection over 1000 Vinyl records. You can’t beat the old school sound.

Did You Know: CommWest was my first legitimate interview as a civilian since my wife and I exited the military together.

July 2022 - Employee Spotlight

March 2024 - Employee REFRESH Spotlight

“CommWest has been outstanding and very instrumental in our move recently. We couldn’t have done it without them! Very knowledgeable, professional, and above all quick to respond for service! Urban Optics is grateful to CommWest and looking forward to many years together!”

Julie Larson - Urban Optics, Grand Junction

Chris Tesch - Telecommunications Specialist

Since 1992, I have been in the telecommunications field, making my way from sales to technical support, where I found my niche: technology engineer. I primarily work remotely from Montrose, where I bring technology solutions to our clients. Being remote, I have the benefit of an excellent team to work with at CommWest.

When not working, I enjoy the outdoors, my small farm, and time in the mountains hiking or cross-country skiing.

Hobby: We live in a beautiful place, making it easy to find a mountain top to enjoy.

Did You Know: I have one feisty old cat that will be 17 soon, and many other animals that come and go. Deer, elk (for the first time in 2021), raccoons, skunks, ground squirrels, chipmunks, mice/moles and many species of birds, including quail.

Layton Tobin - IT Support Techician

Attending Colorado Mesa Universary, I plan on building my knowledge of technology and delving deep into the theoretical side of the technology world under my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Technology has played a huge role throughout my whole life, from my cochlear implant to computers. I was a 3-year member of Future Business Leaders of America in high school. I  won 1st at Districts two years in a row, 3rd and 1st at State respectively, and went to Atlanta in 2023 to take my shot at the top 10.

Hobby: I often find myself stuck to a screen, so I would consider technology to be my hobby! From tinkering with network equipment to playing PC games, technology has me covered.

Did You Know: I was born deaf and got a cochlear implant at 14 months old. As a result, I have grown up living in both worlds: that of the deaf and the hearing.

June 2023 - Employee Spotlight

Tarah Wallace - Business Development

After graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in Business Administration, concentration in Marketing, I stayed in Fort Collins, working in marketing roles. At CommWest, I coordinate a wide range of marketing functions and assist in the creation of strategies concentrated on enhancing our client experience. My job is to make sure our client partners are appreciated and valued by our team.

As a Colorado native, I enjoyed growing up on the Western Slope with my sisters. When I am not at the office, I enjoy exploring our Colorado mountains, drawing/painting, and watching TV/movies. I am close to my family in town; you may have guessed that Nathan is my father from the shared last name.

Hobby: Painting and drawing is a self-taught hobby. I always seem to find myself sketching or painting trees.

Did You Know: I appreciate a good movie pun, my favorite being “Welcome to the Planet” at the end of Man of Steel.

May 2023 - Employee Spotlight

"Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all that you and your team did to make the transition to the new equipment and phone system very smooth! It is at the top of my list of successful cutovers. Please extend my gratitude to the rest of the team and a shout-out to Brandon and Tarah for handling some of the curveballs we threw their way with ease. My client is very happy with their new setup. Look forward to future projects with you guys."

Paco Mendenhall - Grand Junction

Brandon Walton - IT Systems Administrator

With my business technology experience, I enjoy troubleshooting and fixing systems. I look forward to assisting our clients with their technology needs, whether it be network, computer, or voice related. As an IT Systems Administrator, my job looks a little different every day.

When I am not working, I spend most of my time chasing after my young daughter. When we are able, we love to be outdoors. I enjoy wildlife photography, camping, and fishing.

Hobby: Playing with my daughter is an exhausting hobby, but one of my favorites. At least I get to be Kristoff when we play.

Did You Know: I have an app on my watch that gives me countless dad jokes.

October 2022 - Employee Spotlight

April 2024 - Employee REFRESH Spotlight

Tiffany Welch - Account Executive

Since 1998, I have been in the telecommunications field, expanding my knowledge to full business technology as the industry continues to change. I love working with such a qualified and fun team at CommWest! I enjoy consulting and partnering with our clients to find the right office technology solutions for their business.

I am a Colorado native and relocated from Denver to Grand Junction in 2011 with my husband and two children. Our family enjoys the active Western Slope lifestyle and the small-town atmosphere. I am also a small business owner of a photography studio, Native Roots Photography. Between my family, photography, and other sports, my calendar stays busy.

Hobby: Mountain biking is a new hobby I am proud to add to my list. There are so many great trails on the Western Slope to explore for any skill level.

Did You Know: Before coming to CommWest, I was terrified of networking and talking to new people! I now consider myself an extroverted introvert.

December 2022 - Employee Spotlight

"Tiffany is professional and on top of it. She and CommWest have been very helpful to me!"

Tycee Belcastro - Counseling with Tycee, Grand Junction

Mobie - Chief Canine Officer

Joining the CommWest team, I self-assigned the task of keeping everyone focused. I ensure they focus on giving me a steady supply of cuddles and fetching throughout the day. I am proud of the work we do and am glad I get a ride to work every day.

Hobby: Greeting everyone with a paw-shake and gently forcing you to pet me. (I am hard to ignore!)

Did You Know: The conference table is tall enough for me to walk under, which I do frequently during meetings.

February 2023 - Employee Spotlight

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