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Anti-Virus as a Service (AaaS)

In today’s business environment, computers and other devices are the easiest access point for criminals to gain entry to your sensitive information, and your business network. Although these devices are necessary to running a business, they need to be adequately protected. This means having anti-virus software installed and supported.

Our anti-virus as a service (AaaS) includes the monitoring of your devices from suspicious activity and proactive action when a threat is detected. As a result, you can worry less and focus on what really matters.

The goal of AaaS is prevention. Anti-virus software is intended to detect a threat to your computer and remove it before it causes damage to your network and sensitive information.

Consumer Grade

Monitoring of all personal devices

Free or paid standalone versions of software are available for download.

Recommended For:

Personal computers and devices.

*CommWest does not manage this level of anti-virus software.

Business Grade

Monitoring of business and ‘work from home’ devices to eliminate potential threats

How It Works:

The software scans each file, program, or application on your device. It then compares the item to a specific list of known threats stored in its database. If determined to be similar to any code on the list, the item is quarantined or removed. An alert will be sent by the management system to our team.

Recommended For:

All businesses with employees using work and/or personal computers for business use and any additional devices connected to your network.

Per device fee, dependent on the size and configuration of network.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Proactive monitoring and learning from the user’s patterns to detect potential threats

How It Works:

The algorithm learns from the past to infer the future. It quickly and accurately identifies what is benign and what is a threat. This anti-virus option prevents malicious code from ever being executed on a targeted system.

Recommended For:

All businesses in the medical and financial industry, any with international connections, PCI compliance concerns, security conscious, and storing sensitive personal information.

Per device fee, dependent on the size and configuration of network.

Start protecting your business today. Give your business and employees piece of mind that their daily activities are secure. When, not if, threats are encountered, having adequate monitoring will stop them before they do harm to your business.

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