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Passwords in 2023

We all know and use passwords; now let’s take a step back and define them.

According to, a password (noun) is “a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to something.” Similarly, “a string of characters that allows access to a computer system or service.” Essentially, passwords are the key used to access your accounts, including but not limited to:

  • Computer, laptop, and other devices
  • Remote access, VPN tools
  • Email
  • Social media accounts
  • Bank
  • LOB (line of business) software
  • Cell phone
  • Online payments (utilities, mortgage, internet)

What makes passwords easy to obtain?

There are several things that make it easy for criminals, or individuals with malicious intent, to obtain passwords. Once they obtain said password, they exploit the information or access for their gain. Here are a few things people tend to do that make it easy for their passwords to be stolen:

  • Passwords posted in plain sight (example: a sticky note on your desk)
  • Sharing passwords with friends, family or coworkers
  • Reusing passwords (example: using the same password on all business accounts or several individual accounts)
  • Using dictionary words and simple characters
  • Using popular passwords

The world’s most common passwords

There’s a good chance “123456” is the code to the restroom at your local Starbucks, but it is also the second most popular password worldwide, according to a new study by password manager NordPass.

Carl Kriebel, shareholder of cybersecurity consulting services at Schneider Downs, said poor passwords are indeed a ubiquitous problem.

“In the 75 or so penetration tests we do per year, passwords are consistently the weak link in the chain more often than not,” he said, adding that even though protocols like fry/fail lockouts may only lengthen the time attackers need to infiltrate, that makes a difference.

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Are your passwords in the green?

It’s here! The 2023 update to the Hive Systems Password Table that’s been shared across the internet, the news, universities, and by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Since 2020, Hive has conducted a lot of research to develop and present the Hive Systems Password Table. Reference their table below to see the time it takes a hacker to brute force your password.

To learn the “how” of the Password Table, you can walk through their methodology here.

What to do with this information?

Passwords are an ever-evolving tug-a-war between the account holder and the hacker. Being aware of weak passwords and policies is the first step to protecting yourself, your business, and your customers. All the technology in the world will not prevent a password from being stolen if there isn’t awareness throughout the entire business.

Use the information in this blog to:

  • Bring awareness around weak passwords to your team
  • Drive better discussions around password security with employees
  • Springboard into more in-depth discussions with your Technology Partner

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