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With students and teachers going back to school, that means summer is wrapping up.

In fact, roughly 60% of the year has already passed. Whether you took time off throughout the summer or worked overtime, here are a few technology reminders as we finish off the remaining 40% of the year:

  • Remember to update your voicemail greeting, and email ‘out-of-office’ when in/out of the office
  • Review your business phone system
    • Auto attendant greetings – refresh or update for seasonal business hours/staff changes
    • Turn on/off forwarding on extensions, when applicable
    • Ensure voicemails are being checked and calls returned
    • Pre-set holiday closures
  • Clean up and refresh devices
  • Confirm network environment is secure
  • Get feedback from employees on business technology issues or needs
  • Review policy and procedures
  • Schedule a technology review to understand where your technology foundation stands and what to plan for in 2024

Contact our team to schedule your technology review and to discuss any of the reminders above.

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