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WFH: The Good, The Bad & The Difficult

Give thought and critical planning when deciding if a remote workforce is right for your business. What works for one business doesn’t automatically guarantee results for another.


Remote workers are 25% more productive than their on-site colleagues.

Companies with remote workers are projected to save at least $10,000 per teleworker annually.

Teleworkers, personally, could save as much as $5,000 annually by working remotely.

Employers that allow remote work options experience a 25% reduction in employee turnover.

85% of employees prefer to work from home, even though they are able to work from anywhere. (coffee shop, co-working space, etc.)

Businesses are able to reduce physical office space with a remote workforce.

…and so many more benefits…


Increased security risks by adding additional machines outside of your regular network.

Less than half of employees say they receive proper internet security protocol and training.

  • Solution: Regular employee training and security check-ins
  • CommWest will work with you to develop and implement the necessary training for your industry and staff

19% of remote employees report loneliness as their biggest challenge.

  • Solution: Implement regular check-ins with each employee and teams

22% of remote employees report that unplugging after work is their biggest challenge.

  • Solution: Implement remote working hours and specific policies for your remote workforce

53% of remote workers are less likely to take time off than if they worked at their business’s location.

  • Solution: Lead by example. If needed, implement mandated vacations as a company policy

Demand for homes with office capability is increasing. Many employees are using shared rooms or bedrooms as offices.

  • Solution: Discuss with your employee their needs and potential options for a permanent home office

We are happy to offer our assistance when exploring the option of a remote workforce. Give us a call.

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