VoIP Business Phone Solution

What is VoIP? Even if you have never heard of VoIP, you may already be using it. VoIP – voice over internet protocol – is generally used to refer to a method of transmitting voice and multimedia communication via data packet from one user to another. Whereas regular landline or cellphones use satellite, cell or landline towers, VoIP [...]

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Proper Phone Etiquette

Enhance Your Customer Experience Download Etiquette Guide Proper business telephone etiquette is very important because you are representing your company. Remembering to use proper phone etiquette enhances your overall customer experience and leaves callers with a favorable impression of you and your company. The following are ways to make your communications more effective. A few key things to remember: [...]

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Cleaning Your Office Technology

How to keep your technology clean Computers, telephones, monitors, printers, and fax machines all collect dust and dirt. These devices may also absorb substances such as cosmetics and food during use. This is why regular cleaning is imperative so that dust, dirt and food doesn't get trapped inside, which creates problems with connections and bacteria. Cleaning Tips [...]

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Technology Wellness Checklist

Business Technology Checklist Given how quickly businesses have needed to adapt their work environments, this is a wellness checklist for your business technology - remote workers, business phones, email, and additional considerations. We have also included a list of best practices for remote workers and potential phishing attacks. Tip: If you are in contact with your voice carrier, [...]

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911 Requirements

These laws are in effect as of February 16, 2020 Courtesy of Federal Communication Commission Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act In August 2019, the Commission adopted rules implementing two federal laws that strengthen emergency calling: Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act. Kari’s Law – Direct Dialing and Notification for MLTS Kari’s Law is named in honor of Kari [...]

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Friend or Foe? Business Technology Lunch-n-Learn

What is your greatest technology concern? Technology is the backbone of any business, whether small or large. Understanding your technology is key to utilizing and protecting your business investment. This session provides an overview of the technology industry, major areas of concern, tips & tricks for managing your technology effectively, and how to be proactive with your investment. [...]

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Phones: Strategic Tool

Phones are one of the most strategic and powerful communication tools for business succes today - if you have the right system in place for your business. Download White Paper If you are not sure what to do, contact your local vendor and start a deeper dive into your business technology. We will meet to discuss your business, uncover your [...]

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Benefits of Mobile Tools

Today’s employees demand the ability to move seamlessly between their professional and personal lives. Their expectations around workplace tools are shaped by their personal experiences with technology. They’re accustomed to managing multiple aspects of their lives online – and they expect this same level of connectivity and convenience from the tools and systems they use at work. Mobile technology is evolving [...]

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Robocalls – What’s happening in 2019?

According to the Transaction Network Services' bi-annual "Robocall Report" on average, Americans received 200 million unwanted calls per day during the first half of the year. The report also found that nuisance calls are on the rise. Nuisance calls increased 38% from 2018's third quarter. High-risk calls grew 28% over that same period as well. A high-risk call involves attempting to [...]

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Questions to ask when considering a new phone system

By asking the following and other questions, you will be readily informed when conversing about the new phone system you are considering. Getting these answers early in the conversation reduces the frustration of finding problems days or even months later. Here are some sample questions to ask when you are considering a new phone system: [...]

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