Your Options – Windows 7 Migration

Windows 7 End of Life is happening on January 14, 2020 >> Read More Here is what you need to know for your migration options, Windows 7 security risks and advantages of Windows 10: Recommendation Upgrade hardware Keep computer, if less than 3 years old May have upgrades available based on original purchase Windows 10 requirement checklist >> Click to [...]

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Who are your vendors?

Voice Carrier (ie. Spectrum, Centurylink, FastTrack, Nuso) Provide active phone lines to your building Depending on contract, extent of services vary Tip: Make sure your account is set up correctly – business vs. residential Internet Carrier (ie. Spectrum, Spectrum Fiber, Centurylink) Provide internet access to your business Provide support for slow internet speed and/or outages Don’t support equipment that is purchased [...]

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10 Data Recovery Statistics

Data loss can have serious implications for any business. Despite this, a surprising number of businesses don’t even have a disaster recovery plan in place. Here are some of the more startling disaster recovery statistics. If you own a business and don’t yet have a disaster recovery plan in place these statistics might make you think again. [...]

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Overcoming Fear of Change

80% of people will quit their new year’s resolution within six-weeks of starting. This is true in our personal lives, but also with business decisions. For this article, we will be looking at business decisions as resolutions. Decisions are made by business owners every day. Some decisions are easy, such as which emails to delete. Then there are the ones that [...]

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Software Failures: Ariane 5 Rocket Launch

Ariane 5 Rocket Launch, 1996 On June 4th, 1996, the very first Ariane 5 rocket test flight launched. 37 seconds later, the rocket flipped 90 degrees in the wrong direction, and less than two seconds later, the boosters ripped apart. This caused the self-destruct mechanism to trigger, and the spacecraft was consumed in a fireball. The launch failure was due to [...]

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What You Could be Losing

Network downtime is comprised of lost revenue, lost productivity, recovery costs and intangible costs. Downtime can be due to a security/data breach or equipment failure. Regardless of your size when your network stops working, your business takes a hit.  Small companies suffer the most during periods of downtime, showing the least ability to generate revenue. 39% [...]

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End of Support – Windows 7, Server 2008 & 2008 R2

Your data and network are vulnerable if you don't start planning today! Without Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 system updates and support, your data and network will be at risk the longer you continue to operate. These products are rapidly approaching their end of support/end of life (EOL) dates, which means you will not have support [...]

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Remote Workers – VoIP Phone Solutions

With the option to work from home, communicate from any device and location - why would job candidates want to relocate? In fact, studies show that only 11 percent of job seekers relocated for work in the last decade. This is a decrease from the previous decade and is only expected to continue. Annual Average Relocation Rate 2007 - 2007: 11.3% 1996 - [...]

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Why is my high-speed internet not any faster?

There are many reasons your high-speed internet might appear slow. The internet could be slow due to a problem with your router, Wi-Fi signal and strength, network, switch or carrier. On the other hand, it could be the specific website you are visiting. To understand which is your cause, you will need assistance to accurately troubleshoot and pinpoint. Router Try a reboot on [...]

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Using Caution When Downloading Apps

Forbes posted an article on July 5, 2019, Critical Warning Issued Regarding 10 Million Samsung Phone Updates, which is a great example of how your office technology and personal technology can be hacked or corrupted. Read the full article here. The article discusses an app "Updates for Samsung" that can be downloaded from the Google Play app store. After downloading the app, users [...]

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