Who are your vendors?

Voice Carrier (ie. Spectrum, Centurylink, FastTrack, Nuso) Provide active phone lines to your building Depending on contract, extent of services vary Tip: Make sure your account is set up correctly – business vs. residential Internet Carrier (ie. Spectrum, Spectrum Fiber, Centurylink) Provide internet access to your business Provide support for slow internet speed and/or outages Don’t support equipment that is purchased [...]

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Questions to ask when considering a new phone system

By asking the following and other questions, you will be readily informed when conversing about the new phone system you are considering. Getting these answers early in the conversation reduces the frustration of finding problems days or even months later. Here are some sample questions to ask when you are considering a new phone system: [...]

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Why is my high-speed internet not any faster?

There are many reasons your high-speed internet might appear slow. The internet could be slow due to a problem with your router, Wi-Fi signal and strength, network, switch or carrier. On the other hand, it could be the specific website you are visiting. To understand which is your cause, you will need assistance to accurately troubleshoot and pinpoint. Router Try a reboot on [...]

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