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Featured Client Highlight – March 2024

Company Name/Number of Employees/Locations:

We are All Terrain Motorsports INC, a powersports company with locations in Grand Junction and Rifle, Colorado. Between the two locations, our approximately 80 total employees.

When founded:

Our business was founded locally in 1993 by James and Jacki Wells. As they remain the current owners we take pride in saying that ‘not only do our roots stem from the Grand Valley, but that we remain a locally-owned company.’

What services do you offer/Needs that you meet for your clients?

Both of our locations are full-service dealerships, which means we have a sales department and a service department, but also a parts/accessories/garment department for each of our product lines.  This is a distinguishing factor for us, as many other dealerships only do warranty-related service work. They do not offer any parts/accessories support for the machines they sell; as a comparison, we have three million dollars of inventory in stock and employ 15 technicians.

What is a common mistake you find people make with their powersport vehicle? 

The biggest mistake an owner can make with their power sports vehicle is neglecting their maintenance, and thinking of their machine in the same way as they would their car or truck.  Garage rot, or general lack of use will also cause issues such as dead batteries, and bad fuel in the tank.  These reasons, among others, are why we decided to have a full-scale service department.

What is the spirit animal of your company? 

If All Terrain Motorsports were to have a spirit animal, we think it would be the mongoose, or perhaps the honey badger. We have many fierce competitors in the United States, yet we are one of the top dealers in the entire North American marketplace in sales.

Best part of being part of our community?

The greatest thing about being a part of this community is having the opportunity to provide not only a great place for people to work but also a great place for people to have fun!  As we said, we have many employees; some of them have made this company their career, with some of us having worked here for over twenty years, which is an incredible amount of time because retail often has a high turnover rate.

How CommWest has been your technology partner? 

We have used CommWest for the last 10 years, through a few remodels, and our new remodel at our Rifle, Colorado location.  They have always been quick and easy to deal with, and Brandon is a customer of ours as well.  If you are considering a remodel or new construction and need a technology partner, they are a homerun.

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