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Featured Client Highlight – October 2023

Company Name:

Humphrey RV & Trailer, LLC

Number of Employees:

Between Grand Junction and Montrose – approximately 50

When Founded:

Brad Humphrey started Humphrey RV in 2000

What services do you offer/Needs that you meet for your clients?

We offer the endless possibility of “Exploring More” in the outdoors. We sell a variety of different Brands, Floorplans, Sizes, and Prices of RVs to meet every person’s needs. We also provide Service and have the largest Parts Showroom on the Western Slope.

One thing people typically forget when winterizing their campers:

One common thing people tend to forget when winterizing their campers is draining the water heater. It’s essential to empty and bypass the water heater to prevent freezing and potential damage during the cold winter.

What is your best camping/RV joke?

What do you call a Bear with no teeth?

A Gummy Bear

Best part of being part of our community?

The best part of the community in Grand Junction, Colorado, can vary depending on your interests. Some people appreciate the scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, biking, and exploring the nearby Colorado National Monument. Others enjoy the vibrant downtown area with its local shops, restaurants, and cultural events. The strong sense of community and friendly residents are also often cited as one of the highlights of living in Grand Junction. It really depends on what you value most in a community.

How CommWest has been your technology partner?

CommWest has played a huge role in enhancing our technological needs here at Humphrey RV. We recently upgraded our business telephone system at both of our locations to better provide customer service to our customers. The transition was smooth and easy. They provide around-the-clock IT tech support and are quick to respond to service requests. All of their staff are friendly and easy to work with from the top and all the way down to front-line employees. Great experience working with CommWest and hope to continue our partnership for years to come.

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