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Featured Client Highlight – February 2024

Company Name:

RLB Partners, LLC

When Founded:

June 2015

What services do you offer/Needs that you meet for your clients?

We are a Strategic Business Coaching firm. We’re a catalyst. A catalyst is an agent that creates a reaction and accelerates the rate of change. That’s what we do. We unleash entrepreneur and small business leaders’ professional and personal potential, accelerating their performance and goal achievement.

We do this through personalized strategic business coaching designed for each business’s unique situation. It includes challenging comfort zones, developing strategic focus, bringing a fresh perspective and outside accountability, and understanding how to lead effectively. The result is profit generation while reclaiming the business owner’s life.

What is one thing that all businesses tend to do, but shouldn’t? 

Often, small business owners or entrepreneurs forget their need to work as aggressively on the business as they do in the business. This leads to a weakening of the foundation of the business and can result in slower revenue growth or profit leaks. Focusing on company culture, customer experience, goals, KPI development and measurement, sales, and marketing is just as important as focusing on the product or service delivered.

What is the spirit animal of the company? 

Being pressed to choose, I would say the lion. Lions exemplify courage, strength, and wisdom. However, I prefer to think of the company as a chess piece, the knight. Although it may not be the most valued piece on the board, in my opinion, it is the most strategic.

Best part of being part of our community?

Grand Junction is a unique place. Its personality is one of independence and self-reliance while demonstrating loyalty and commitment to each other as a community.

How CommWest has been your technology partner?

CommWest continues to be a strategic partner for us. They have been quick to support our needs with the highest level of service as well as expertise. I depend on the reliability of my IT equipment and systems to adequately deliver for my clients. CommWest has saved me from disaster more than once when deadlines are looming, and something goes haywire. What I value most is they are a strategic partner in my business, providing solutions, and, even more importantly, direction on how to best use technology to grow my business and serve my clients. Thank you, CommWest, for being there – often before I know I need your expertise.

Bob Bever, President & CEO
Email: [email protected]
Office: 970.462.7422
Execution without strategy has no purpose  •  Strategy without execution has no value

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