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CommWest – Your Communications. Our Business.

Featured  Spotlight – January 2023

Collage of CommWest Team

Number of employees: 10

Meet Our Team >>

When founded: 2002

We wrapped up our 20th Anniversary last year; we started off the year with our Open House and hosted a Staff & Client Appreciation Night in August.

Describe what you were like at age 10.

We had 8 employees (some of whom still work with us today) and our services were focused on telephones.

Since then, we expanded our services to a Managed Service Partner, meaning we support and manage all aspects of your business technology. Learn how we help you >>

What is the spirit animal of our company?

Tasmanian Devil (cartoon) or Yeti.

We are always running around like the Tasmanian Devil, visiting our clients and meeting their needs. Like a Yeti, our team is almost mythical in the customer experience we deliver compared to many alternative Technology Partners in the area. That is the #CommWestDifference.


Are we messy or organized?

This would depend on whose office you are in and how you define messy. Overall, organized chaos may be more accurate.

Greatest team strength:

We function as a team, not within silos. Our team knows who we are (core values) and remain consistent in delivering those values.

Do you have a favorite quote?

You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we’ll train you.

Office nicknames?

Boss Baby, ‘Sales’, Mr. President, Dave, Crayon Eater….really, there are too many to count

Best part of being part of the community?

Seeing the growth and impact businesses have on each other. Also, knowing and supporting your neighbors.

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