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When engaging over video conferencing tools and conference calls in lieu of face-to-face meetings, here are tips to maintain professionalism and courtesy:

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Location, Location, Location

  • Choose a quiet place to join your video or conference call. When you have several attendees in distracting locations or noisy backgrounds, it disrupts the entire group.
  • Reduce background activities such as children, pets, or coworkers.

Test Equipment

  • Log on early before each video or conference call to confirm that all your tools are working properly. It is unprofessional to join a meeting late, but especially due to a lack of foresight to test your equipment.
  • Equipment to test: internet connection and WI-FI, conferencing tool, camera, speakers, microphone, desktop sharing


  • As a presenter, strategize your presentation method – standing, sitting, camera centered. Consider if you will be sharing slides or desktops. *If sharing your desktop, make sure to exit other programs or browsers and silence alerts.
  • As a presenter, come prepared with an agenda and tasks to accomplish. Skip the small talk and get to the business at hand to hold all attendee’s attention.
  • As an attendee, come prepared with your insights to share and questions.
  • All attendees, place the business phone in “Do Not Disturb”, silence smartphone and other devices.

Be Courteous

  • Remember your pre-school etiquette. Even though the conversation is not face-to-face, be aware of others talking before speaking.
  • Mute your microphone, unless asked to speak or contribute to the dialogue. 10 people talking at once does not benefit anyone.
  • Raise your hand – depending on the conference tool being utilized, type a comment or “virtually” raise your hand so the moderator knows you wish to add to the conversation.
  • As a presenter, manage the group by muting all microphones (this is an admin feature), and monitor comments as the conversation progresses.

Say Your Name

  • Before speaking, state your name. With attendance being on video or just voice, it can be difficult to follow who is speaking.

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