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Where most cybersecurity solutions fall short

Hackers believe small – medium businesses (SMBs) are vulnerable because they don’t have the knowledge or the expertise to know what is happening inside their own network. This perceived vulnerability of SMBs puts your business at greater risk of becoming the victim of malicious cyberattacks and breaches.

Most security solutions fall short due to businesses protecting their devices and data against external threats like malware, but they overlook the biggest cause of data breaches – internal risks.

Internal vulnerabilities are responsible for 70% of all data breaches in small and medium sized businesses.

The Forrester Report (September 2012) found that only 12% of security incidents are caused by disgruntled employees with malintent. Whereas, a whopping 27% of security breaches were caused by employee’s inadvertent misuse of data. (PC World, 2012)

We know security is important to your business. That’s why we already have you covered with traditional security safeguards like firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware. Now, protect the perimeter of your network by adding internal cyber security.

Top Insider Threats Missed By Conventional IT Security Tools

  • Unauthorized access to computers with confidential information
  • Unauthorized user login to IT infrastructure (Servers, etc.)
  • Unauthorized new users added to the domain
  • Anomalous and suspicious logins to computers
  • Unusual login hours for daytime workers
  • Systems with uninstalled critical patches longer than 30 days
  • Systems inside the network with exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Unexpected changes to internal or wireless networks
  • Connections to unauthorized wireless networks
  • Storage of credit card details, PII, EPHI, and other sensitive information

Our industry-leading internal security alerting solution considers your custom security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes and threats. In addition, our powerful analysis engine examines multiple data points and notifies you directly of security issues caused by unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations.

Having the ability to monitor and alert to these threats sooner will help you detect vulnerabilities faster and reduce costs and damages to your business.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your business is not only protected from external threats like viruses and malware*, but also from far more prevalent internal cyber risks as well.

CommWest offers CyberHawk in a customizable package that meets your unique needs and budget. To discuss how your business needs to be protected, please contact us at (970)242-8142 or [email protected].

*Assuming you have anti-virus and monitoring properly installed and maintained

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