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5 Cybersecurity Mistakes for Small Business Owners to Avoid

Your small to medium-sized business’s (SMB) computers and devices are the lifeblood of your company — your company uses them to communicate with vendors, clients, make critical business decisions, and hold your trade secrets.

That’s why you can’t afford to make any of the following cybersecurity mistakes:

Mistake #1: Underestimating Cybersecurity Threats

As businesses grow more dependent on the internet, trolls and hackers use increasingly sophisticated tools to target them. Do not take this lightly.

Underestimating cybersecurity threats is what cybercriminals are counting on. Business owners and employees need to understand the types of threats that will occur, so that they can identify them before they do damage.

In addition, to combat the ever-changing threats, your business needs to adapt and change too. The right anti-virus solution and additional monitoring will adapt and learn to proactively stop cybersecurity attacks.

Types of Cyber Attacks
Anti-Virus as a Service

Mistake #2: Relying Exclusively on the Default Security System

Whether your company uses PCs or Macs, the default security system on the device isn’t strong enough to protect your business.

Each operating system has its benefits and limitations. As a security-concise business owner, you need to add layers of security that fill any gaps in the foundational security.
This includes anti-virus software, and monitoring.

Network Monitoring Options

Mistake #3: Relying on Free Anti-Virus Software

We have mentioned several times the need for anti-virus software. Now ask yourself – you wouldn’t use low-cost padlocks to lock your company doors, so why would you use free antivirus software to secure your business’s computers?

Businesses need business-grade protection. Free software is not going to adequately protect your client’s information, your finances, your network or employees.

Anti-Virus as a Service

Mistake #4: Not Being Proactive

It’s critical to be proactive when managing your company’s cybersecurity. Think of it as insurance that protects your business from worst-case scenarios.

According to Forbes, 28% of small- to medium-sized businesses experienced data breaches in 2019. While some companies took months to repair the damage, others struggled to recover and closed permanently.

The right cybersecurity software for your business will secure and empower every member of your team, be lightweight, offer dedicated support, and work on various platforms. Moreover, it should be cost-effective.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the Bigger Picture

As small business, you have no margin for error when it comes to cybersecurity. Can your small business afford to ignore the bigger picture?

Safeguarding the integrity of your data is essential for your business, employees, and your customers. A security breach can permanently erode consumer confidence in your company and adversely affect your profitability and revenue.

A breach in your cybersecurity doesn’t just mean that your information is compromised — it means your clients’ data might be exposed as well.

Your computers and devices are the lifeblood of your small business — and we are here to be your partner, safeguarding your business’s technology.


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