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Brandon Walton – IT Systems Administrator

Featured Employee REFRESH Spotlight – April 2024

Brandon joined CommWest in April 2019. Since then he has expanded his knowledge and technical skills becoming one of our lead systems administrators. He even uses four monitors at this desk now!

We caught up with Brandon for a quick refresh!


What is the biggest change that technology has made in your life?

It has brought me more in tune with thinking strategically overall. I enjoy helping people with their technical issues and the satisfaction it gives them.

What app do you use most on your cell phone?

Anything that will provide a funny meme. I even have an app on my watch that gives me countless dad jokes.

One thing you dislike about technology? 

The vulnerabilities it can create and the frustration it can give others.

What is your proudest moment at CommWest?

Every moment Chris Tesch asks me for help on the NEC phone system.

Best April Fool’s joke you’ve played?

Growing up we had that day off from school, I acted sick and I got my brother to go to the bus stop and wait for the bus. Then when he came back we told him it was April Fools.

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