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Tiffany Welch – Account Executive

Featured Employee REFRESH Spotlight – May 2024

Tiffany has been with CommWest for many years, in fact she has been with our team almost longer than anyone else now!

We caught up with Tiffany for a quick refresh.


What is the biggest change that technology has made in your life?

It’s a huge time saver having instant access to any information I could want. No need for a collection of encyclopedias or making a trip to the library for everything.

What app do you use most on your cell phone?

I don’t think texting counts as an app, so I will say Spotify.

One thing you dislike about technology? 

How easily it can be used to trick people when it falls into the wrong hands.

What is your proudest moment at CommWest?

It’s hard to pick a particular moment, but I feel proud every time we move a new client to our services and they express how happy they are or how their jobs have become so much easier.

What is one favorite Mother’s Day gift you’ve received?

I’ve had a lot of Mother’s Days! I just love spending the day with my family!

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