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Tiffany Welch

Account Executive

Featured Employee Spotlight – December 2022

As a team we tease Tiffany about being “Sales” because we know she is more than that. At CommWest, we are not looking for work; we are looking for a partnership. We want to be your next best hire and Tiffany is the place to start.

We asked her a few random questions, and here are her responses!


How did you first learn about CommWest?

“I knew of CommWest, but didn’t really understand everything that happened here until Nate contacted me about the open Account Executive position back in 2016.”

What is your proudest moment at CommWest?

“Not really a moment, but me coming out of my introverted shell and being able to enjoy networking events and talking to new people.”

What has been your favorite project at CommWest?

“Any project that involves helping to get a client out of a bad relationship with their current phone or IT vendor. I love being able to consult with clients about how we can help make their jobs easier and keep them focused on their business so it can thrive!”

Best vacation you’ve been to?

“My honeymoon in Zihuantanejo, MX almost 18 years ago!”

Motto or personal mantra?

“‘But did you die?’ Chow, Hangover II – Life is not always easy and we have to go through challenges to get to where we want to be. It can seem impossible to overcome some of these challenges, but in the end we survived and succeeded. I also like to use this when people are complaining about little stuff.” 😊

What are you most thankful for?

“My family and how supportive they are of me.”

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