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Your data and network are vulnerable if you don’t start planning today!

Without Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 system updates and support, your data and network will be at risk the longer you continue to operate.

These products are rapidly approaching their end of support/end of life (EOL) dates, which means you will not have support or updates thereafter.

Please note: SQL Server 2008/R2 reached it’s EOL on July 8, 2019. If you need support for these products or do not know want you are operating, please give us a call. 

EOL Important date

January 14, 2020

Who is impacted

  • Business-grade devices and systems
  • Personal devices

What this means for you

These products will continue to function after the EOL date. Yet, you will not have any support or updates moving forward. This will lead to costly impacts on your operations and productivity. You can assume that one vulnerability in the system will lead to further dispersion of malware, and other major concerns.

Your risks of continued use

  • No anti-virus updates leaving you open to malware and hijacked systems,
  • No software updates,
  • Loss of functionality and overall business compatibility,
  • Compliance concerns with mandated industry regulations,
  • and more.

What you should do

Start planning today! 

  • Review current systems
  • Develop plan of action & budget
  • Implement changes, sooner rather than later

We’re here to help

We are your local solution – You are not alone in this endeavor. As a technology service partner, we are here to make sure you can focus solely on your business.

  • No obligation, no charge Network Analysis – pinpoint your vulnerabilities and review what systems are currently operating
  • Migration assistance throughout the entire transition – minimize risk of anything being lost
  • Continued partnership so that you never have to worry about your business technology

Contact us to start your migration today!

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