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Are you wondering how to be more productive at work?

You are not alone!

Everyone wants to measure and improve productivity. That is true for all employees and businesses, no matter their size or industry.

Each year there are countless studies performed by different organizations. Guess what they all found? We are more productive than ever. The net productivity of the American worker has increased by 253% in the last 70 years. Yet, we are still looking for ways to improve and do more.

Technology is one way that productivity has been able to increase – internet, email, software, smartphones, and so on. It is not an exaggeration that there is an app for everything, many designed to help with productivity. Yet, technology can also be a hindrance.

Think about your day – how often you connect to the internet, check emails, get app notifications. Now ask yourself – at what point does my technology disrupt my productivity? How much time do I  spend troubleshooting issues?

It can be as simple as a Facebook notification distracting you, or as frustrating as getting hacked or a computer crashing. We know your technology is essential to your business and productivity. That is why we exist to help our clients be successful and be a comprehensive resource throughout their business’s growth. {Read more about our Core Values}

Here are three areas to help increase your productivity at work:

Keep in mind your technology as you read through these areas. How you are utilizing technology tools? How technology is limiting your productivity? How technology can improve your productivity? How much time is spent troubleshooting issues?

  1. Set SMART goals
  2. Achieve a productive mindset
  3. Use tricks & tips to be productive at work

SMARTer Goals

The old adage is true: Work smarter, not harder.

Part of setting goals is evaluating if you achieved the goal. You accomplish that by making sure your goals are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based.

Goals will get you to a destination, but that destination is up to you. Start by visualizing where you want to be in five or ten years, or even next week. That destination will allow you to craft the path with goals along the way.

Remember to congratulate yourself when you reach each goal, no matter the size.

A Productive Mindset

It is not enough to solely visualize your destination and have SMART goals identified.  It is essential to develop a productive mindset to accomplish those goals.

Here are four qualities to cultivate:

  1. Motivation – Remember the ultimate “why” for what you are doing, and revisit it often. (Why do you work hard? Why do you want to be productive?)
  2. Mindfulness – Unless you stay present and aware, you will wind up wasting time and productivity. Continually check on yourself. (Is a task taking longer than it should? Are you losing time to distractions?)
  3. Persistence – Setbacks are inevitable, but they don’t have to derail your work. Keep going.
  4. Positivity – Unless you believe in yourself, you’ll get nowhere. Identify points of failure and use them to improve and build your confidence by focusing on the positive.

Tips for Being Productive at Work

  • Practice both of the two-minute rules
    • If it takes less than two minutes, do it now
    • Scale down your goals into two-minute versions
  • Be healthy
    • Eat the right foods
    • Exercise
    • Take care of yourself and others
    • Get enough sleep
  • Prioritize important projects and tasks
    • Use the Eisenhower Matrix
    • Use the 80-20 rule
  • Manage your time
    • Plan
    • Track your day
    • Set time limits
    • Say no
  • Manage your energy
    • Work with your natural rhythms
    • Take breaks to recharge
    • Automate what you can
  • Focus
    • Don’t multitask
    • Reduce distractions
  • Organize your world
    • Clean up and personalize your space
    • Find the right tools for you

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The world changes quickly, and so do your work and business needs. That is the reason we have developed our TSP program, a way for our team to work in tandem with your business to keep you productive so that your business continues to grow.

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