How Well is Your Network Running?

Pinpoint Your Network Vulnerabilities

Did you know that 93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year.*

This startling statistic shows why having a reliable network and backup is crucial for any business.

Network vulnerabilities put your company at risk, which is something no business owner can afford.

According to a 2011 CA Technologies study, the yearly cost of network downtime for North American businesses was $26.6 billion combined. Regardless of your size, when your network stops working your business takes a hit.

Network downtime can be contributed to the following:

  • Outdated equipment,
  • Non-monitored equipment,
  • Virus,
  • No secured backup,
  • and more.

By pinpointing your business network vulnerabilities, you reduce the impact they have on your:

  • productivity,
  • revenue,
  • customer experience,
  • company reputation,
  • and more.

Pinpoint your network vulnerabilities, understand what services you may already have, and achieve piece of mind about your business technology – schedule your no obligation, no charge Network Assessment ($250 value) today.

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*Source: National Archives & Records Administration
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