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Recognizing the Risks of Mobile Devices

Are your employees using their personal devices for work purposes? Are you using your personal devices for work? This includes laptops, and yes, mobile devices. For this article, we will focus on the risks of personal mobile devices crossed with corporate uses. It is a tasty recipe for cyberbreaches when mobile devices are overlooked as a point of concern for businesses.

Technology has changed the way we work and mobile devices are no longer a luxury. They are used daily, frequently and without hesitation. People are using them for zooming, emailing, access company files, and so much more. This begs the question, would you allow your employees to connect their personal laptop to the corporate network? The answer should be no. So, why allow personal mobile devices to do the same without any security.

Side Note: If you are allowing personal laptops to be connected to your corporate network, please give us a call to discuss the necessary security perimeters to do so safely.

One major reason for the lack of security with smartphones is they are new (or newer, at least). They have only been in business and society for roughly a decade. Smartphones are also constantly changing and growing in their technology abilities.

In 2018, an average of 10,573 malicious mobile apps were blocked per day. Symantec states that 1 in 36 mobile devices have high risk apps installed. These threats cannot be taken lightly, as they are an open invitation for criminals. Consider the access your smartphone has to your life and your business. Criminals would be able to gain entry to company contacts, email accounts, financial information, company files, and the list goes on.

It is not feasible for every business to provide all employees with a mobile device solely for work purposes. However, every business should think about Mobile Device Management, MDM. This provides ways for your business to ensure company data is secure while being accessed through personal smartphones.

Mobile Device Management, MDM, will look different for each business. What remains the same is that it allows your business to know that it has an extra layer of protection.

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