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8 Computer Mouse Tricks

How well do you know your computer mouse? You use it every day, but do you know all its secrets?

Whether you are an IT professional or consider yourself a novice, you may be surprised to know all the tricks that your mouse is hiding.

Here are 8 tricks to use when you are clicking, scrolling, and navigating. Enjoy all the time you save once you master these handy tricks.

4 Left Button Mouse Tricks:

These mouse tricks involve the left button of your mouse:

  1. Double click the left button: highlights a word
  2. Triple-click the left button:  highlights a paragraph
  3. Hold down the ALT and left mouse button: highlight a column of text
  4. Select a specific amount of text- Click the left button on the character or word where you want the selection to start. Then move your cursor to the end of where your selection. Hold down the SHIFT key and left-click. You have now highlighted your entire selection!

4 Mouse Wheel Tricks:

These next set of tricks involve the mouse wheel or scroll button.  The mouse wheel is also called the middle-click button and does different things in different programs.

  1. To open a new link without leaving your browser page, use the middle-click.
  2. Middle-click on a blank spot on a page and a navigation tool appears.  This allows you to move anywhere on the page quickly. Just lightly wiggle the mouse after you click.
  3. Hold CTRL down while using the mouse wheel: zooms in or zooms out of the page you are viewing. If you hold CTRL and scroll up,  it makes the page bigger. If you hold CTRL and scroll down. it makes the page smaller.
  4. Middle-click on a tab in your browser for a quick way to close the tab.

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