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We are on the move – Part 1

Bittersweet feelings!

CommWest is MovingAfter 14 years in our current office, we have outgrown the space. That building is now for sale, and we have the opportunity to move into a new one. (with twice the space!)

Learn from our mistakes and success as we share the checklists, lessons learned, bloodshed, and journey of our moving process.

Watch our Orange Couch Tip announcing our move

First Things First – Talk with your IT Partner

The first thing we knew we needed to do was to talk with our IT Partner. In our case, that’s our own team. For you, that means call us!

Moving needs to be coordinated and not a ‘call that day when nothing works’ plan. We have received too many of those calls, that we want others to learn from those mistakes.

When you decide to move, there are many items that need to be completed before the date of your move. One of those is letting your IT Partner know. They will need time to coordinate and advise you on the best process for your business technology – server, computers, business phone system, internet services, etc. It won’t be the same process for every business.

Reference our Moving Checklist to start the conversation.

As our team discussed the moving process for our business, there were a few items that stood out:

  • No cabling for phones or data in a portion of the office, which means we will need to pull cables to get adequate connections where we need them.
  • We need to strategize how we move our internet service. Our IP is a linchpin for our network and connectivity.
  • A few remodel items would need to be completed before we move anything over.

Once we started the conversation, we had a better handle on what our timeline would be for moving….to be continued in Part 2.

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