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Is your business one that will remain in a forever virtual business setting?

It is fashionable for the talking heads in leadership and the workplace to predict a business world that is “forever virtual” or work-from-home. However, this is not feasible for all businesses.

Here are five reasons why virtual isn’t sustainable for everyone:

1. We need to develop the next generation of business leaders

In your opinion, is Zoom-based learning doing a satisfactory job of developing our youngest people? Probably not!

Mentoring and coaching don’t happen in the frequency and ways that they do when in-person. This is for one reason, professionals and senior staff don’t have the time to provide the mentorship needed to develop staff. It takes longer to build trust, and engagement when virtual which leads to limited training and support.

2. We are acceptably effective but not operationally excellent

While we manage to get work done, we do not do it excellently. Working continually virtual adds distractions (kids, pets, chores, tv), workflow disruptions (availability, communication channels), and the inability to leave work behind. Working nonstop is not operationally excellent. Something has to give, and it will usually be us!

3. Safety and anxiety concerns will wane with time

There is a valid reason to work from home when safety is concerned. Yet, as safety returns, so does the validity of working collaboratively at an office.

4. We are social creatures by nature

You cannot discount the truth: people need to be with other people. Whether it is a group or a single person, everyone needs a community. One community is that which comes from work. Team members don’t want to miss out on the fun and excitement, collaboration, and support that comes when working in an office together. Interactions are lost when attempting to do things over the phone or through a computer screen.

5. Hybrid strikes a happy medium, anyway

There are many times when you need to be in the office. For example, key meetings or projects. Yet, there are times it would be beneficial to stay at home. That is what makes a hybrid work environment ideal for many businesses.

In conclusion, what works for one business might not be best for your business. These five reasons highlight the areas that may be impacted by staying in a forever virtual workplace.

Whether you choose to stay in-person, virtual, or a hybrid combination, your business needs to be supported by technology. That technology needs to be usable, reliable, accessible, protected and monitored. That is where we come in. 

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