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80% of people will quit their new year’s resolution within six weeks of starting. This is true in our personal lives, but also with business decisions.

For this article, we will be looking at business decisions as resolutions.

Decisions are made by business owners every day. Some decisions are easy, such as which emails to delete. Then there are the ones that you end up putting off because they are more involved or complex. Why?

Studies have shown that one reason we fail to accomplish our resolutions is that we have an inherent fear of change.

How to Conquer the Fear of Change

As Babe Ruth said, don’t let fear keep you from playing the game. Here are a few things to consider when overcoming fear so that it doesn’t hold you back from greater things.

Create Reward System

Instead of focusing on accomplishing your goals out of fear, focus on pleasure. Focus on the benefits of the change to develop positive thinking and encouragement.

Example: What benefits will come from using a technology service partner?

  • Less overall worry – you have a knowledgeable partner watching out for your business
  • More time to focus on your business – less spent trying to understand your confusing office technology
  • Relief that your business will operate as smoothly as possible, every day
  • Someone to call with questions – peace of mind that they will answer and be able to help

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Ask: What are you afraid of?

Ask yourself why you are holding off on making the decision. Knowing exactly what is holding you back will help kick start your decision-making.

Example: You need to migrate from Windows 7 before 2020

Ask yourself why you have not started the migration:

  • Do you know where to start?
    • You are reading this – that is the first step. Good job!
  • Does the cost associated worry you?
    • We have financing options available, leasing, and can work until your budget
  • Not sure if your programs will run on new computers?
    • Complimentary Network Analysis – we will let you know what is compatible and options across your entire network

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Research Your Transformation

Don’t limit yourself. Research and ask questions.

When you know you are going to have a medical operation: you research the doctor, ask questions and learn as much as you can. On the other hand, when you have an emergency procedure you don’t have a choice of doctor or hospital. You go where the ambulance takes you.

The same goes for when you wait until your phone system or office technology suffers a complete failure. You won’t have the satisfaction of shopping options and gathering information. You need something quick in order to get your business back up and running. Your quick fix might work in the short term but may not be what you need as your business thrives year over year. You’ll then be forced to make another technology purchase to get what your business needs to operate effectively.

Signs that you should start researching office technology solutions:

  • Are your employees satisfied with your office technology?
  • Do you have mobile capability?
  • Do you have an Auto Attendant to assist with call flow?
  • Are you constantly having to reboot computers, wait for computers to load?
  • Devices operating Windows 7?
  • Do you have machines older than 5 years?
  • Slow internet speeds?
  • Paying for services you are not sure you are getting?

Layer of Accountability

When you make your new year’s resolution to go to the gym – do you get an accountability buddy to go with you? Most would. This buddy can check in daily and be an encouragement to achieve your resolution.

As your technology partner, we are that layer of accountability. Reminders of security measures, upcoming upgrades, checking on your employees, and a resource for your business.

We might not be able to help with your personal resolutions, but we will manage your office technology so that you can focus on your business.

Let us help your businesses grow using office technology – phones, networks, surveillance, and other technology solutions.

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