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What is Technology Lifecycle Management?

Technology Lifecycle Management is the process of maintaining your physical equipment before it is obsolete or suffers a critical failure.

This is a proactive strategy for anticipating and planning your technology investments while managing the maintenance of your current technology equipment.

Why Do Businesses Need Technology Lifecycle Management?

The value of Technology Lifecycle Management is that it standardizes your business technology.  This allows you to have a single contact point and one phone call to resolve whatever challenge or need arises. IT budget planning becomes easier, and your business is more efficient with a technology foundation that is up-to-date and secured.

Space Out Expenses

Replacing equipment when it’s broken always puts your business in a reactive mode. Spread out your purchases so that no year is overloaded with technology expenses. By doing this, your IT environment is never entirely at risk and your business has the best competitive advantage possible.

Be Proactive

A reactive approach is expensive; it forces you to make a purchase when your equipment has failed, not when it is practical for your budget or when prices are lowest. A further compromise is purchasing cheap just to get by, adding more headaches to your technology mix.

Mind the Details

Technology Lifecycle Management considers the seemly small details that can have a significant impact on your business, either productivity or cost. Sweat the small stuff, so it doesn’t become big stuff later.

Recruiting Talent

Supporting your technology is supporting your employees, which avoids turnover. Technology that is maintained and optimized for their success in their daily activities creates an environment for your business’s success.


Technology Lifecycle Management is a competitive advantage that your business will receive through our Technology Service Partner (TSP) program. Learn how your business, like countless Western Slope businesses, will have peace of mind about their business technology. 


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