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Compared to an MSP program, Break/Fix is a support model that some companies choose to support their business technology.  Generally, this means they will call when they need something fixed after it breaks or troubleshooting to determine the issue. This is not a proactive support model and can be more expensive than having a managed service provider (MSP).

Service Model Comparison

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Using Break/Fix services gives my business freedom.


Although Break/Fix services typically mean you won’t be in a contract with a vendor, that also means you can end up with “too many cooks in the kitchen.” You won’t have a support team readily available, proactive management and monitoring to safeguard your business or prompt resolutions due to a shortage of ongoing information. You also lack a mutually beneficial relationship with your vendor resulting in your business technology not being optimized.  Break/Fix may seem like freedom, but that illusion can cost your business over time.

Is Break/Fix Right For Your Business?

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