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A business phone system is one of the most strategic and powerful communication tools for business success today – if you have the right system in place for your business. Therefore, it is a critical investment to make and maintain in your business.

88% of buyers say customer experience matters as much as a company’s products or service.

Despite many opinions, there isn’t one right solution for every business. That is why we are intentional about having more than one option (on-premise and cloud hosted) for our clients. We design and program each system to work for your business.

How CommWest Helps You with a Business Phone System

Enhancing your customer service with a practical and efficient telephone communications solution.

  • Discovery meeting and consultation to determine your business’s needs.
  • Designing and supporting the best solution to meet your business’s needs.
  • Options – including VoIP, Hosted/Cloud, and premise business telephone systems.
  • Purchase and leasing availability to fit budget needs (dependent on application approval).
  • Training, access permissions, and resources for flexibility and management.
  • Continued local support throughout the system’s lifetime to keep you communicating.

What this means for you:

  • A business-grade telephone system that works how your business needs it to.
  • Features and programming that are flexible as your business changes.
  • Personalized training for your staff and materials (user guides/videos) to reference.
  • Local support and maintenance, so you don’t have to call 1-800 # for support.
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations.

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A ‘1-800’ VoIP phone system is worth the cheaper price.


The sticker price might seem more affordable initially, but you will be the one responsible for programming and setting up your phone system. The cost savings you think you are getting by doing this yourself means you won’t have local support, installation, setup, or in-person training. Consider the lifetime maintenance and business expectations before buying solely at a cheaper price.

Let Us Be Your Best Hire

“CommWest has played a huge role in enhancing our technological needs here at Humphrey RV. We recently upgraded our business telephone system at both of our locations to better provide customer service to our customers. The transition was smooth and easy. They provide around-the-clock IT tech support and are quick to respond to service requests. All of their staff are friendly and easy to work with from the top and all the way down to front-line employees. Great experience working with CommWest and hope to continue our partnership for years to come.”

Ashley Williams - Humphrey RV & Trailer - Grand Junction, Montrose