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Your business has what hackers want – a throve of personally identifiable information (PII) about customers and employees. Cybersecurity is the tools that keep your business and PII safeguarded from anyone with malicious intent.

Malicious intent includes hacked login credentials, email compromise, theft, ransomware, disruption to business productivity, and more.

How CommWest Helps You with Cybersecurity

We know your business is important to you. That is why cybersecurity is vital to your business.

We have your business covered with traditional cybersecurity safeguards like firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware. But – that is not enough! Your business needs added layers of cybersecurity, such as monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and email filtering to adequately protect all aspects of your business.

Layer 1: End-Point Protection

End-point protection tools are like the doors and locks to your valuables. At a bare minimum, your business should have this layer of cybersecurity.


Business-grade anti-virus software scans each file, program, or application on your device. It then compares the item to a specific list of known threats stored in its database. If determined to be similar to any code on the list, the item is quarantined or removed. An alert will be sent by the management system to our team.

Without an anti-virus on your workstations, that device is individually at risk which creates an open door to everything that the device is connected to at your business (internet, server, email, etc.)


Workstation & Server Monitoring

Monitoring includes services for your computers, and server providing 24/7 support for hardware issues, viruses, updates, patch management, and overall performance. With monitoring, our team is able to remotely support your users and business with device performance updates, mass deployment and software management, threat alerts, and more.

In addition, without monitoring, you are reactive to hard drive failures, storage space capacity, remote technical support, or an out-of-date operating system.

Email Filtering

In today’s age, email is a part of all business, and it poses a major risk if not safeguarded.

Email filtering processes emails according to specified criteria, applying anti-spam and additional techniques to protect your business information and employees. With email filtering, potentially harmful emails are automatically quarantined from the inbox. Additionally, all links are scanned before directing to the destination providing peace of mind to all email users.

Although email filtering adds a cybersecurity safeguard it does not eliminate the need for employee training and due diligence on email best practices.

Layer 2: Network Protection

This layer of cybersecurity is like a security guard watching your building for intruders or suspicious activity.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is an internal security alerting solution that considers your custom security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes, and threats. By monitoring unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations you are able to detect internal vulnerabilities faster. Thus, reducing costs and damages to your business.

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Part of your cybersecurity needs to include a back-up & disaster recovery plan. What if you accidentally delete a file, the storage device is damaged, or you become a victim to a ransomware attack? If your business is backing up according to business standards, these scenarios have far less impact on your business.

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Layer 3: Penetration Protection

This layer of cybersecurity is like a bubble around your business technology to ensure all aspects are working as intended and proactively identifying vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning adds an overarching layer of security to protect your trove of personally identifiable information (PII). By mimicking everything the bad guys are trying to do to penetrate your business, the scan alerts you to the risks it finds.

The process involves frequent and consistent scanning, both external and internal to help your business stay ahead of malicious attacks. In doing so, vulnerabilities (at any level) will be diagnosed before they can be exploited.

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We know your business is important to you. That is why cybersecurity is vital to your business.

Adequately protect all aspects of your business by layering your cybersecurity – End-Point, Network, and Penetration. Contact our team to get started. 

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There are many avenues for cybercriminals to access your critical systems and sensitive information. That is why you need to protect your business with a more robust solution that works in tandem. For example, anti-virus, monitoring, and email filtering.

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