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Without proper network support, your business is vulnerable – outages, loss of data, productivity, and customer support services. Network support includes everything that is keeping your computer network running, productive, and up to date.

How CommWest Helps You with Network Support

Maintaining your business network to keep your business running smoothly, day after day.

  • A network designed for your business needs and size.
  • Remote and onsite support of computer network system.
  • A local team of certified technicians ensuring the functionality and dependability of your network.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the network, including monitoring and patch management (as part of our TSP program)


I use “Uncle Joe” for my network support. He’s inexpensive and seems to know what he is doing. That should work.


Network support is essential to your business, which means it cannot be a hobby or pet project for a relative, employee, or friend. Technology is an investment and should be cared for by a professional team. Unless your “Uncle Joe” is educated on and dedicated to your network, your business is at risk.

Let Us Be Your Best Hire

“Fantastic people. Service is top-notch, they are always there for us rain, snow, or shine. Highly recommend them. We use them for our business phones and IT services. Best decision ever.”

Jo Ellyn Bradley - Castle Valley Children’s Clinic, New Castle