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Your computer workstations and server are critical to the daily function of your business. They store your sensitive information and provide the platform for your line of business (LOB) software, internet connection, and so much more. You can’t afford to have your equipment fail or underperform. That is what makes supporting your equipment essential to protecting your business technology investment.

How CommWest Helps You with PC & Server Support

Maintaining your devices so that they work consistently and are reliable for your team.

  • Guidance on purchasing business-grade computer workstations and servers.
  • Installation and configuration of devices to ensure they work when you need them.
  • Maintaining the critical functionality of the devices to prolong the life of each device.
  • Protecting the devices with anti-virus and monitoring (as part of our TSP program).
  • Anticipating the lifecycle of devices and planning investments – Technology Lifecycle Management

What this means for you:

  • Workstations and other devices that fit your needs (not too little or too much). 
  • Local support (onsite and remote) to resolve functional issues.
  • Security features protecting your devices 24/7.
  • Easier IT budget planning.

How long do computers last? 

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Business-grade computers are a gimmick.


Not all workstations are created equal for business use. Your best purchase will depend on how you will use the equipment and the tools you plan on using. Always consult your IT partner before purchasing. It will save you time, frustration, and money.

Let Us Be Your Best Hire

“Just had CommWest install a new computer for my business. They took the time to understand my needs to build the right system. They were prompt, professional, and did not use tech speech to ensure I understood everything. Everything transferred and worked. Thomas even checked in with me the next day to ensure everything transferred and my programs were working. Thanks CommWest. You have my ongoing business.”

Bob Bever - RLB Partners, Grand Junction