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Surveillance is a tangible way to protect your assets and ensure the safety of your office and employees. The foundation of your business security starts with the basics: locking doors and cabinets, arming the alarm system, as well as installing and monitoring the cameras.

How CommWest Helps You with Surveillance

Providing a tool that safeguards your building and gives your employees reassurance of their safety.

  • Installation of a reliable business surveillance system with available support.
  • Maintaining cameras for consistency of video feed.
  • Provide access to camera feeds in a variety of ways – from workstations to mobile devices.


I just need cameras; the rest does not matter.


When your surveillance system only stores footage for 14 days, you will need it 15 days later. (Murphy’s Law, right?) This is why it is essential to know the limitations of a surveillance system before you buy to get the right solution. Remember, when you buy cheap, you get cheap.

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