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Surveillance Benefits Your Business In Many Ways

Surveillance includes installing cameras at your place of business. But – there are many more benefits to having cameras than you may have previously thought. If you are on the fence about adding video surveillance to your business, consider all the benefits.

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We’ve broken down the benefits of having surveillance cameras into five areas:

1 – Video surveillance deters crime

Although the crime rate has dropped in Grand Junction, we still have more crime than Denver per capita and per square mile. It remains true that installing a video surveillance system will often deter said crime. Criminals see the heightened risk of vandalizing or stealing from your business and think twice. Since crime will impact most businesses in one way or another, what are you doing to mitigate the risk of crime at your business?

CommWest Client Story: After several thefts, a client added cameras to the inside of their store as well as the outside where their equipment/products are stored. They also added a spot monitor as you walk in, meaning a customer sees themself on a monitor at the front of the store. The idea is when a customer sees themselves on surveillance and knows they are being watched, they will be less likely to shoplift. The story continues…

2 – Surveillance protects the outside of your business

Overall, property crime in Grand Junction is rated at 62.8, while Denver is rated at 50.8 and the US at 35.8. That is based on a scale of 1-100, where 100 is the highest. In fact, there is a 1 in 23 chance that you will be a victim of property crime in Grand Junction. These stats should only encourage your business to take steps to (firstly) deter crime, but also protect itself against crime.

Consulting with our team will ensure there is adequate coverage outside your business – reducing blind spots and safeguarding high-valued assets. A rule of thumb is coverage for your entrances, exits, and anywhere that may provide concealment.

CommWest Client Story: continuation… Working with our client, we mapped the parking lot, entrances (front and back), corners, and where previous thefts occurred. Each type of camera was specifically chosen and placement was strategic to provide maximum coverage. Now, all activity is monitored for the protection of their products, but also the staff. The story continues…

3 – Video surveillance increases employee safety

Safety is always a concern for a business. Do employees feel safe coming to work? Do customers feel safe while at your place of business? Both these areas impact your business, whether is it retention of staff, the ability to hire quality employees, or customer satisfaction.

If safety is a top priority for your business, it doesn’t mean much if customers (and their vehicles) are not safe when on your property. Employee safety should be top of mind too, especially if they are required to walk to and from their cars.

This is why adequate lighting and video surveillance are a tremendous benefit to your business. Not only do they deter crime and protect your business, but they add a layer of safety to all patrons of your business.

CommWest Client Story: continuation… Due to the store hours, our client’s employees walk to their cars after their shifts typically in the dark. As an employee, it is reassuring to know that your employer is committed to your safety and comfort while at your place of business. The story continues…

4 – Surveillance provides evidence for claims

Slip and fall injuries are a major source of liability for employers. While most claims are legitimate, some claims made by customers and even employees can be fraudulent. That is where surveillance is a benefit because, with effective video recordings, there is less likelihood that a false claim will succeed.

CommWest Client Story: continuation… With access to video recording, our client has peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty. As an employer, you do not know what may occur, but you can be prepared to handle them. By adding video surveillance, they are capable of documenting what happened in case of theft, accidents, or any type of liability. The story continues…

Bonus tip: Even if you don’t see anything on the video when you look at it, SAVE IT! Save as much of the day as possible. Remember the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” In this case, a video of nothing could be worth thousands! Fraudulent claims can be costly to your business and you want to take advantage of every defense tool you can.

5 – Video surveillance reduces insurance premiums

What is your business doing to prevent losses and protect your customers and employees? Insurance carriers often look for positives that will reduce the cost or frequency of loss. By having a video surveillance system installed, insurance companies may offer better pricing to your business. An added bonus!

CommWest Client Story: continuation… In summary, by adding video surveillance, our client is deterring future crime, protecting their assets, and providing safety to their customers and employees. They also have documentation in case of claims and are saving money in the long run.

By protecting your business, employees, and customers with an effective video surveillance system you are improving the overall operation, efficiency, safety, and profitability of your investment. Video surveillance will also give your business protection around the clock while providing you with less stress and greater peace of mind!

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