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People who have stuck with their current employers are frustrated by short staffing, digital tools and return-to-office plans.

The Future of Time report from Adobe found that 40% of enterprise managers and 25% of SMB (small-medium business) leaders saw increased resignations over the last six months. Workers at small and midsize companies were more likely to apply for a new job than people working at big companies. The survey included 1,400 people from large and small companies as well as managers and workers.

The survey found that people who left their jobs were most likely to:

  • Switch to a new industry
  • Start their own business
  • Become a freelancer

There is still a desire for change among people who didn’t leave their jobs in the last six months. The survey found that one in three managers and workers in this group are thinking about looking for something new in the next year. Half of all Gen Z respondents are considering this with 25% planning to make a move in the next six months.

One reason people are unhappy is the time spent troubleshooting technology.

SEE: Employees who are unhappy about their workplace technology are more likely to quit.

Managers spend about seven hours per week on this task while workers spend five hours.

Todd Gerber, vice president of Adobe Document Cloud, said the hard part is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for companies.

“In our research, nearly 70% of employees cited technology as one of the biggest challenges transiting to hybrid work, including issues like spotty in-office or home WiFi and even setting up programs in general,” he said.

SMB companies should focus on selecting tools that are easy to use and integrate with their current infrastructure, Gerber said. “Understanding the most time-consuming manual tasks for employees can help companies adopt the right tools to meet their needs,” he said.

Managers need training on digital tools too

The Adobe survey also asked participants how a manager’s tech-savviness impacted their work day-to-day. Half of all employees at large and small companies said their managers were only somewhat tech savvy, which hurts productivity. One third of employees said they were slowed down by managers not knowing how to use or using outdated hardware and software and not knowing how to edit or collaborate with a file.

Those were the top two problems but a third of respondents also listed these tech challenges that some managers face:

  • Not using or understanding cloud computing software
  • Not knowing how to facilitate or join a virtual meeting
  • Using outdated language to describe hardware and software

The survey also asked about the impact of a tech savvy manager. Gerber said the results of this question were somewhat surprising.

“Employees with tech-savvy managers indicated that they had a harder time focusing while working from home, which may be due to more frequent interactions with their managers through communications platforms,” he said. “It’s clear that there’s still work to be done to optimize how technology and collaboration tools are used so that everyone can thrive in their work environment.”

Return to the office is another pain point

There’s also the familiar split on attitudes about returning to the office: 30% of managers are excited about this prospect but only 15% of employees feel that way. The two groups did agree on what would solve some of the current problems with digital tools and workplace frustrations:

Retain Your Talent

Shown by these survey results, supporting your technology is supporting your employees, which avoids turnover. Technology that is maintained and optimized for their success in their daily activities creates an environment for your business’s success. Take steps to retain your employees by:

Poll your employees to find out what kind of business technology changes they want. With two-thirds of employees likely to at least consider quitting if their technology needs aren’t met it’s worth figuring out what they want before good talent walks out the door for a preventable reason.

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