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Don’t forget to tip your server!

In this case, your business IT server. The storage solution ‘serving’ your business. (pun intended)

You tip your server at a restaurant when they deliver quality service during your meal. These tips for your (IT) server allow it to do the same for your business – provide quality service by being the right and properly managed storage solution.

1. First things first – does your business need a server?

An alternative is a NAS (network attached storage). Both are storage solutions but cater to different needs. Skipping the technical jargon – in short:

  • Go with a server if: You need a powerful and flexible solution for data storage, security, and running multiple applications. You have the technical expertise or IT staff to manage it.
  • Go with a NAS if: You need a simple and easy-to-use solution for centralized file sharing and backup. You don’t require extensive functionality or a highly scalable storage system.

2. Avoid these 7 mistakes regarding servers:

  • Not planning for future growth
  • Failing to prioritize security
  • Choosing the wrong type of server (or storage in general)
  • Not having a proper backup plan
  • Poor server maintenance
  • Not monitoring server performance
  • Ignoring user needs

3. Learn from these wacky and real-world server mishaps:

Data Disasters

  • Accidental Deletion: Imagine a well-meaning employee accidentally wiping the customer database clean! This can cripple sales and damage your customer experience.
  • Hardware Failure: A disk drive crashes, taking critical financial records with it. This can lead to delays, fines, and a loss of trust.
  • Ransomware Attack: Hackers lock down a server, demanding a ransom to unlock the data. This can be a costly ordeal, causing downtime and potentially revealing sensitive information.

The Vengeful Intern Strikes Back Example:

A disgruntled intern, about to leave the company, decides to “leave their mark.” They set up an elaborate script to automatically send nonsensical emails to the entire company every hour. The messages range from singing pirate shanties to philosophical musings on the meaning of staplers. Lesson: Careful who you grant access to! Strong password policies are your friend.

Human Error

  • Software Upgrade Gone Wrong: A new software update on a server introduces unexpected bugs, disrupting core business functions. This can lead to lost productivity and frustrated employees.
  • Misconfiguration: A firewall is misconfigured, leaving the server vulnerable to cyberattacks. This can expose sensitive data and damage the company’s reputation.
  • Physical Mishap: Someone spills coffee on a server, causing a meltdown. This highlights the importance of proper server placement and protection against physical damage.

The Cloud Caper Example: 

A company, overly enthusiastic about cloud storage, decides to migrate everything at once. Unfortunately, their internet bandwidth can’t handle the upload surge. Emails grind to a halt, video conferencing becomes a slideshow of frozen faces, and productivity plummets. Lesson: Cloud storage is great, but plan your migration carefully!

4. Key takeaways from this blog:

  • Backups are Crucial: No matter how careful you are, things can go wrong. Regular backups are your safety net.
  • Testing is Key: Always test new configurations and migrations in a controlled environment before unleashing them on the real world.
  • Prevention is Key: Invest in robust backup systems, redundancy measures, and cybersecurity solutions.
  • User Training: Train employees on proper data handling practices and security awareness.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Have a plan in place for how to recover from server outages and data loss. This includes regular testing and backups.

Servers are powerful and the world is full of them. They are flexible and scalable for your business, but complex. Remember – with great power comes great responsibility (to quote Uncle Ben – Spiderman). Make sure your server is properly configured and managed so that it can be an effective storage solution for your business. That’s how CommWest helps you – give us a call.

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