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Cybersecurity is not a technology issue.
It’s a business issue.

Learning how to be cyber smart can seem daunting, but with the help of the following tips, you could ensure that you maintain good cyber hygiene.

1. Create strong passwords (and use a password manager).

Regularly changing your passwords is no longer necessary and may be counterproductive when existing passwords are strong and unique. These passwords are just as difficult to compromise as new ones.

CommWest Tip: The key is that the password is strong and unique and not used on multiple accounts.

Using a password manager can help store and secure complex passwords for all of your online accounts in one centralized location, and these solutions can even notify you in the event that a password gets compromised. The key is that the password manager itself is secure and diligent in their security measures.

CommWest Tip: Do your research and ask for advice from your Technology Partner before utilizing a manager tool.

2. Incorporate the use of MFA.

Getting into the habit of enabling multifactor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication  (2FA) across all of your accounts — whether that be banking, email, or social media — not only adds an extra layer of protection but also makes it difficult for bad actors to access your accounts because the second layer of authentication requires a legitimate proof of identity.

CommWest Tip: Even if this isn’t mandatory on accounts, we recommend utilizing this layer of security.

3. Think before you click.

Learning to recognize phishing attempts can prevent you from accidentally opening unknown links or downloading dangerous attachments. To spot a phishing email, search for slight misspellings in the sender’s email address and ensure that the message isn’t delivered using a public email domain. Also, try determining whether the language being used is alarming or if the sender is requesting urgent action, and attempt to decipher if the message has an ambiguous/generic greeting.

RESOURCE: Email Red Flags

4. Regularly perform software updates.

Ensure that you have the latest software updates across all your devices because doing so helps patch security vulnerabilities and protects your own data as well as your friends’ and families’ information from cybercriminals. Turning on automatic updates or periodically checking for software updates are best practices for cyber safety.

CommWest Tip: We manage this aspect for you, across your entire network. Contact us to learn more.

Resources that can help you stay protected

Implementation of strong cybersecurity measures is key to remaining safe in today’s digitalized world. Please refer to the following resources that CommWest – your local Technology Partner – provides:

  • Anti-virus – Without an anti-virus on your workstations, that device is individually at risk which creates an open door to everything that the device is connected to at your business (internet, server, email, etc.)
  • Workstation/server monitoring – With monitoring, our team is able to remotely support your users and business with device performance updates, mass deployment and software management, threat alerts, and more
  • Email filtering – With email filtering, potentially harmful emails are automatically quarantined from the inbox. Additionally, all links are scanned before directing to the destination providing peace of mind to all email users.
  • Network monitoring – By monitoring unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations you are able to detect internal vulnerabilities faster. Thus, reducing costs and damages to your business.
  • Back-up – Part of your cybersecurity needs to include a back-up & disaster recovery plan. What if you accidentally delete a file, the storage device is damaged, or you become a victim to a ransomware attack?
  • Vulnerability scanning – By mimicking everything the bad guys are trying to do to penetrate your business, the scan alerts you to the risks it finds.

We know your business is important to you. That is why cybersecurity is vital to your business.

Adequately protect all aspects of your business by layering your cybersecurity – End-Point, Network, and Penetration. Contact our team to get started.

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