Using Caution When Downloading Apps

Forbes posted an article on July 5, 2019, Critical Warning Issued Regarding 10 Million Samsung Phone Updates, which is a great example of how your office technology and personal technology can be hacked or corrupted.

Read the full article here.

The article discusses an app “Updates for Samsung” that can be downloaded from the Google Play app store. After downloading the app, users are redirected to an ad-filled website and charges for firmware downloads. Although there seems to be confusion on the purpose of the app and overall credibility, we cannot stress enough the diligence users need to have with their office technology and personal devices.

Whether you are downloading an app to your personal device or clicking a link from an email, having safe guards and best practices in place is a must. When your business’s success is dependent on your office technology, you cannot afford any risks or vulnerabilities.

No business is too small for IT security and cyber-security is something that cannot be ignored.

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