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Generative AI is a topic that is popping up in headlines frequently. Tools like ChatGPT are going to transform our jobs. But what about everyday life? The fact that AI can now generate content – including text, images, video, and the like – may change your daily life in some surprising ways.

Here are four ways generative AI may impact you personally:

AI-Enhanced Entertainment

Generative AI has the potential to enhance human creativity across the whole spectrum of arts, sports, and entertainment.

  • Books written with the help of generative AI
  • Music created or curated just for you based on your personal preferences
  • Podcasts automatically translated into your native language

Generative AI is also being used in films to generate backdrops, characters, and special effects – thereby opening up opportunities for smaller studios to achieve the sort of high-quality effects that were previously available to the big players only. Generative AI can be used to automatically generate or translate commentary, produce realistic virtual simulations, and create visual augmentations – even in real-time.

In one example, Fox Sports is using generative AI to generate content from its massive archive of game footage. Google’s system can rapidly search through footage from nearly two million videos and produce new video content “in near real-time” for sharing on TV and social media. In other words, watching the game in the future could be a much more immersive and fun experience.

Kids Doing Their Homework

Snapchat users gained a new friend in 2023 – an AI chatbot built on ChatGPT. Snapchat users could give their new AI friend a name and profile picture and then start chatting with it 24 hours a day.

They can have deep and meaningful conversations with the ChatGP, they can ask silly questions, and even ask it to do their homework for them. We are in a time where kids (or anyone) do not have to spend time researching a topic in books or online when they can simply ask their AI pal to answer a question or write a piece of text for them.

CommWest Tidbit: It’s up to us to decide how to use AI tools responsibly and ethically – to get the best out of them without relying on them. This includes learning to think critically and question whether the content they’re presented with could be incorrect or biased.

Goodbye to Googling

Considering many people will increasingly access information via tools like ChatGPT, it’s not crazy to think that internet searching (as we know it today) could die out. The average internet search experience can be pretty clunky. You may get numerous search results that you have to sift through. All the while, having to accept or decline all those cookies on multiple websites, and often scroll past paragraphs of SEO content to get at the nugget of information you want. Compare this to asking ChatGPT for information – you simply type or speak a question and get an immediate response. It’s a much cleaner, less frustrating experience.

CommWest Tidbit: The information you receive will still need to be verified, as it is not guaranteed to be accurate.

Internet search companies are understandably keen to integrate generative AI into search capabilities. Microsoft Bing was the first to integrate ChatGPT. But Google released their generative AI Gemini (formerly Bard) as well.

Planning Your Meals

Rather than reaching for your phone and ordering a takeaway, you can reach for your phone and ask generative AI for help. Language models like ChatGPT can suggest meal ideas and even create full recipes. Recipes would be based on the ingredients you have to hand and your dietary requirements. You can even ask generative AI to plan your whole week of dinners.

Several recipe-specific generative AI tools already exist to boost your cooking efforts. Examples include ChefGPT, FoodAI, Supercook and Plant Jammer (for the vegans among you).


Embracing these changes responsibly and ethically will be essential as we navigate this exciting new era of AI-enhanced living. Before embarking on the Generative AI trail, know its limitations, and how it will affect your business and individually. Technology is still only as good as the human element using it. Contact our team to discuss further.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2024/01/08/5-unexpected-ways-generative-ai-may-change-your-daily-life/?sh=1421b3f15efe

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