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Voice Carrier (ie. Spectrum, Centurylink, FastTrack, Nuso)

  • Provide active phone lines to your building
  • Depending on the contract, the extent of services vary


  • Make sure your account is set up correctly – business vs. residential

Internet Carrier (ie. Spectrum, Spectrum Fiber, Centurylink)

  • Provide internet access to your business
  • Provide support for slow internet speed and/or outages
  • Don’t support equipment that is purchased outside of your contract – routers, modems, etc.


  • Make sure you have appropriate speeds – neither too much nor too little
    • Yes – is there such thing as too high of internet speeds for your business. Learn why – call us.

Data/Network Vendor

  • Assists with your business network such as server, software, updates, monitoring, anti-virus, and more


  • Make sure you feel you are getting what you are paying for
  • Make sure you retain access to your network

Phone Vendor

  • Provides and services your business phones – across multiple offices when applicable
  • Make program changes and necessary updates when requested
  • Provide training to employees


  • Ask yourself – Is your phone system enhancing your business and customer experience? What more could it be doing for you?

Additional Technology

  • Printers, credit card machines, alarm system, surveillance cameras, and more


  • Make sure you know who is servicing each of these parts of your business technology

So, you know who your vendors are. This is where office technology becomes more complicated.

  • Do you know who you are supposed to call when one part of your technology fails?
  • Depending on who you call, you end up getting the run-around and blame game. No one claims responsibility.

Simplify Your Life

The benefit of having a technology service partner (TSP) is that you minimize the vendors you partner with. Phones go down, the internet is slow, computers are acting up – you always know who to contact.

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