Why is my high-speed internet not any faster?

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There are many reasons your high-speed internet might appear slow. The internet could be slow due to a problem with your router, Wi-Fi signal and strength, network, switch or carrier. On the other hand, it could be the specific website you are visiting.

To understand which is your cause, you will need assistance to accurately troubleshoot and pinpoint.


Try a reboot on your router. Note – the problem could be the router itself. Your router is configured to process a specific amount of data in a given time. If this processing power is slower than your internet speed, the speed will only be as fast as the router.

Wi-Fi Signal

Poor Wi-Fi signal could be due to signal strength or too many devices running at one time. Your location and usage may institute finding an alternative internet method. It is important to understand that a business will have a different set up than your home.


Your network is the complex ‘brains’ of your business. Depending on your set up, it could be restricting your internet for a variety of reasons (applications in use, malware, etc.). This is why you do not want to cut any corners on your network set up. Network downtime is a costly risk for any business.

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You may have recently upgraded to faster internet speeds with your carrier. After your upgrade, the carrier should have completed the implementation of the higher speeds but didn’t. This will need to be pinpointed with your carrier directly.

Your in-house or outsourced IT Service Provider should assist you with troubleshooting your internet. If you do not have a technology service provider, please contact us and we will assist with your internet, network, phone and any other questions.

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