Your Options – Windows 7 Migration

Migrating from Windows 7

Security Risks, Advantages of Windows 10 & Options

Windows 7 End of Life is happening on January 14, 2020 >> Read More

Here is what you need to know for your migration options, Windows 7 security risks and advantages of Windows 10:


Upgrade hardware

  • Keep computer, if less than 3 years old
  • May have upgrades available based on original purchase
  • Windows 10 requirement checklist >> Click to Download


Alternative, Not Recommended

  • Stay with Windows 7
  • Pay for Extended Security Updates (ESU) – starting at $25 per device and doubling each year

Security Risks if you don’t migrate

  • No security updates
  • No bug fixes
  • No tech support
  • No compatibility with current software

Biggest risk is users not being willing to change >> READ MORE

Example: Wannacry

  • May 2017 – worldwide cyberattack by WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm
  • Targeted computers running Microsoft
  • Spread from organizations that had not applied released patches, using older Windows systems past EOL
  • Stopped within a few days due to emergency patches
  • Estimated affected more than 200,000 computers across 150 countries
  • Total damages ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars

Read more about security risks >>

Advantages of Windows 10 + Server 2019

Windows 10

  • Security – advanced threat protection**
  • Faster start up
  • Seamless experience across devices
  • You can adjust the many settings to be similar to Windows 7

**Only as efficient as you let it be using recommended Microsoft settings

Server 2019

  • Security
  • Simplified
  • Server Management

Licensing, Models & More

  • As complex as ever
  • Don’t try to figure out on your own

Don’t wait until January 14, 2020 to secure your business technology. Reach out to us at CommWest today to avoid vulnerabilities.

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